A3’s Talent Show Video

We are very proud of her for getting up in front of a crowd and performing. She’s completely self-taught, but we’re trying to get lessons for her this summer.



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5 responses to “A3’s Talent Show Video

  1. Well done A3. If you have taught yourself how to do that and created the music that you played, you have done exceptionally well. Lessons will help if you can get them. They will show you how to get better results with the music you want to make and teach how how to really grand and dramatic bits. I think you might like that.
    I really look fprward to hearing more of your performances.
    Cheers to you too, Mum and Dad.
    Cheers Gillian

  2. Karen O

    As always, Aunt Karen is exceptionally proud of you! Well done! I hope we get to see you this summer. Hugs all around!

  3. Roxie Matthews

    Bravo! A3 has an aptitude for music!

  4. Is she doing that all from memory? I don’t see her looking at music and I don’t see any music on the piano.

    • This is the theme song for an anime’ that she watches. She listens to the song over and over again on Youtube and then learns to play them by ear. We’re trying to get her into music lessons, but so far we’ve just not been able to afford them.

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