Color-Coded for Safety and Convenience

Because I have a few weeks without actual paid work before summer school starts (house work, yard work, cooking and driving kids to and fro are still in effect) I’ve set a goal to knock out as many UFOs (UnFinished Objects) from my WIP (Work In Progress) knitting bin as humanly possible.  Projects in said bin include, but are not limited to, simple socks, beaded socks, moderately lacy shawls and an intricate lace beret. Some of these undertakings were set aside out of boredom, others from frustration. As a result, some can be tossed into travel bags and worked on virtually any place without fear of messing up, whereas others will require absolute silence without interruptions. 

Herein lies the problem… my poor family cannot tell which project is which unless they ask me a question. The reply might be a cheerful  “No, you can’t shave the cat’s eyebrows today,” or they may just as easily have their heads bitten off with, “How dare you ask me where the fire extinguisher is!” 

My solution is the creation of a color-coded card system, similar to the DEFCON terms used by the United States Military for nuclear war threat.  For those of you who have never seen the movie War Games (and even for those of you who have, because they ran the codes backwards, with 5 being the most severe instead of there being no threat), here is a breakdown of the official military DEFCON and the colors used to represent the levels of readiness.

 Here is the Knitcon Chart, complete with definitions.  To use, simply copy, print and place this chart in a visible location then prominently display cards or wear clothing colors matching your own current Knitcon status. 
Good luck and happy knitting!


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4 responses to “Color-Coded for Safety and Convenience

  1. Roxie Matthews

    Yes. yes, I am printing this off. And I look like hell in black, soI’d better NEVER get to knitcon1!

  2. Joy

    This is fantastic – every knitter should have it. Of course then there’s the issue of getting the family (and pets?) to notice it – love it!!!

  3. Karen O

    Hey, Mom…that’s a pretty black shirt you’re wea—aaaaaaagggghhh!! gurgle gurgle…

  4. NOLA Robin

    Am laughing out loud….my poor daughter would have LOVED for me to have this system in place while she was growing up! Thanks!

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