Happy Birthday to my DH!

Happy birthday to you!

Happy birthday to you!

Happy birthday Dear Husband,

Happy birthday to you!

picture from his 3rd birthday

Today my DH celebrates his 48th orbit around the sun.  He has always hated his birthday and every picture taken from his childhood is testimony to this fact.  Over the years he has graciously accepted that his family and friends want to celebrate, even if he doesn’t; and in turn, we have agreed to keep all festivities to a minimum.  This year my DH and I will have a dinner and movie date on Saturday with another couple.  I’ve promised him that there will be no singing waiters, silly hats or signs.   



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5 responses to “Happy Birthday to my DH!

  1. MOM

    Happy birthday Dear Brian…….from your Mn’L

  2. Well, I can understand the singing waiters, silly hats and such. But why are men always like that! My BH didn’t want any celebration for his 75th last year. Zip. Zilch. Nada. But our son got on his case (“it’s a milestone; it’s a feather in your cap; everyone wants to honor you; etc”) We had a great party, just the kids and us. And he was prouder and happier than a “pig in poop!!” Men!! Happy Birthday to your darling DH and wishing you both a wonderful celebration.

  3. Roxie Matthews

    Rock on, Brian!

  4. Him Indoors’ 60th birthday is soon, But now we have a new puppy whose feet are not allowed to touch the ground until she is fully innoculated….and who poos and wees generously we can’t go away for the w/e, can’t have a party [he hates them], can’t think what he would like as a present, can’t decide where he would like to go for a meal, can’t take him to the flics [he hates them]………………..Oh dear.
    Hope you both enjoy your evening out, someone must!

  5. Karen O

    Happy belated birthday, Brian! We love ya!

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