Some ‘splaining To Do

You see, it happened like this. Monday morning, while downing my first cup of coffee, I innocently perused local Craigslist ads.  No malicious deeds or nefarious intentions were planned.  However, one of the listings jumped out and screamed, “Read me dammit!”.  Well, technically, it said, “Loom $150.00”.  I opened it, expecting to find some rusted out P.O.S. or a ridiculously over-priced lap loom from someone’s childhood.  Instead, there was a picture and description that sounded way too good to be true.  The advertisement said that the owners were selling a 36″ LeClerc folding floor loom. 

Immediately I called my mom to share the fabulous find, followed by lamentations about how it was surely already sold, and to commensurate with her about how much my sister, Jackie, has always wanted a loom (she actually wants both a green house and a loom, but there were no greenhouses listed). My mom then said that if we would be willing and able to pick it up that she would help buy it for Jackie.  I fired off an email to the sellers, not really expecting a reply, and was surprised when one came back almost immediately. Yes, they still had the loom and yes, I could come look at it any time. My DH just happened to have the day off, so the two of us scurried off down to Beaverton and found this lovely creature. 

 Here she is all neatly folded up


And this is what she look like while opened up and ready to be warped. 

My mom and I are trying to coordinate a time when we can meet up with and surprise my sister.

But that’s not all.  The loom people had three beautiful spinning wheels in their living room near the loom.  One was a gorgeous Canadian Production Wheel, the second was a Schacht Side Kick (just peeking out of its bag) and the third was a stunning Schacht-Reeves Saxony wheel.  After a precursory overview of the very lovely loom we’d driven down for, I casually ran to the wheels… just to take a look, mind you.  The CPW was regal, but the SRS radiated.  I really, truly did ask permission before touching it.  I vaguely remember my DH and the owner’s DH performing synchronised eye rolls as we broke into wheel and fiber talk. And then, the second most amazing thing of the day happened.  The lovely owner said that she was selling her Saxony wheel and that she’d listed it on Craigslist as well, for less than half of the MSP.  The husbands then proceeded to load up the loom. After a few more strokes of the wheel (which were, in actuality, my attempts to discretely wipe away a spot of drool), I followed my DH to the van.  Then, the most amazing thing of the day happened. My DH stopped the van before we’d even left the driveway and said, “Let’s go back and get the wheel for an early birthday present.”   The rest was a blur. I rode with her in the back of the van, one hand on the wheel, to make sure she didn’t tilt while navigating through Portland and Vancouver. And here she is in her new home.


As of yet, she is nameless, and the overwhelming ratio options resulting from her double drive, Scotch tension and additional whorl intimidate the crap out of me. She does spin smoothly and produces a fine, even yarn.  Other weights should be a breeze too when the settings are adjusted.

 Now I need to dust off Old Blue, my Louet S-15 with Woolee Winder, extra bobbins, etc. and list him on Ravelry and Craigslist.  Old Blue has been reliable, faithful and has provided hours of joy and learning over the past four or five years, but it’s time to pass him on.  My  DH was extremely generous in getting the new wheel, but irresolute frivolity often results in second thoughts and I have a strong desire to recompense our strict budget. In other words, I have a buyer’s remorse and if I don’t sell something(s) to offset the cost, then  I’ll never truly enjoy spinning on her.  She really needs a name. Cheers!



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7 responses to “Some ‘splaining To Do

  1. I don’t know who to be happier for – you or your sister. What a lovely surprise for both of you. Make sure you get a picture of her face when she first sees it.

  2. knitwonpurltoo

    It’s not that early for your birthday and I love her. B is truly a wonderful guy!!!

  3. Roxie Matthews

    Awesome, awesome deals! Obviously, they were meant for you. You had the time off, yourDH had the time off, your mom had the idea. .. The planets were aligned.

    Lady Godiva was a saxon who majored in long, silky fibers. Maybe you could name your wheel, “Godiva.” (the name also makes me think of chocolates)

  4. Karen O

    I think Roxie hit the nail on the head…Godiva: seconded! She’s lovely. I hope I get to see her in a couple weeks.

  5. Yeah, Godiva. I love anything named after naked ladies. :O

  6. As much as I love you all, my wheel is definitely not a Godiva.

  7. I am SO jealous of your newly acquired wheel. It’s gorgeous!

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