Around the House

Random sights from our place: 

A finished pair of socks from my neglected project bin!  The recipient will be surprised with these very soon.

Chicks and Hens and Sedum overflowing from an old boot that my friend, Lish, snagged for me from alongside the road several years back.  All of the females in my family have  a strange fascination with succulents and old shoes.

Roxanna enjoying a sunbeam

A “new” coffee pot found at our neighborhood Goodwill Store for $3.50.  It almost matches the violet tea set I found at a garage sale last summer.  It’s nothing of great value, but the girls and I can use it while enjoying one of our tea parties.

While at the Goodwill I pushed my cart past two ladies.  As I did, one of them said to the other, “Did you see what she has?”  They then proceeded to follow me around the store.  I put my big brown purse over the top of the pot because I was afraid that they’d relieve me of it in a moment of inattention.  I had a similar experience (story near end of linked post) at a Vancouver Goodwill store several years back.  People can be funny.


Speaking of funny people, I found pictures on my camera that A3 took yesterday.  She spends hours constructing elaborate landscapes and then acting out stories.  This particular scenario covered the entire living room and the people shown below were eventually devoured by a plastic T-rex.  It was quite gruesome. A3 prefers to play by herself because others only interfere with the plot lines she’s devised.




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5 responses to “Around the House

  1. Love the boot planter! And that cat belly needs a scratch!

  2. Roxie Matthews

    Awesomesauce socks! You do SUCH good work!

    Roxanna really knows how to work a basking session!

    Tell A-3, it’s why I write my own books. No one else tells them right.

    Your violet coffeepot is gorgeous!! Good, good deal!!

    Footwear and succulents? You’re aligned to a different gravitational axis your ownself.

  3. Karen O

    You have a knack for finding good deals! I hope we can enjoy a cuppa from your elegant tea pot soon. Let me know your summer schedule and I’ll arrange a road trip. I mean another one where I actually stop at your house…

  4. knitwonpurltoo

    A3 has the right idea. That’s why movies only have one director;-P Those socks are fab. I love the boot, too. And, boy does that kitteh need some tummy scritches. I still miss Tasha, but your other kitties are so entertaining. Hugs, kiddle!!!

  5. I can totally agree with A3. That’s how I preferred to play when I was a kid. My bedroom would have elaborate scenes created all over it. I think that is why I became a writer – I get to control the story.

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