A Good Time Was Had By All

Independence Day ranks right up there with Christmas and Halloween in the “My Favorite Holidays” category.  Each  year we attend our home town parade, fireworks show and other activities. 

looking down Pioneer, Towards Main Street, before parade started

We enjoyed near perfect weather, with neither rain or searing heat.  A2, A3, my DH and I arrived a little later than usual to watch the parade, so rather than watch from a sidewalk spot, my DH and I viewed the festivities from the hillside at the local middle school, while A2 and A3 collected candy and assorted treasures from below.

A3 checking out the pipers

A1 walked in the parade with the RHS Athletic Department and passed out candy.  They were instructed NOT to throw it this year, but apparently the football players on the float didn’t get the memo, or else they flat-out disregarded it, because we had to duck to avoid being beaned in the noggin with taffy by several zealous lads.

A1, third walker from left, with blue bucket and sporting large sunglasses

After the parade I worked at the dunk tank taking money.  Some people were rather vicious when it came to dunking their favorite (or least favorite) school officials, etc. In some instances they’d pay their money, forego the balls and just run up to the target and punch it.  After about 2 hours the water looked disgusting and I almost felt sorry for the poor souls perched up on the drop seat. 

My DH drove A1 and a friend back to our house, while A2 and A3 joined some friends in the bounce houses, getting temporary tattoos and other activities.

A2 , fortifying herself with sugar and artificial colors

My Dh was held up in traffic after taking A1 home, so I went to a new wine shop that had opened and ordered some crab dip and a lemonade.   I don’t think that the “crab” dip had any actual crab in it.

The server was very friendly though and the porch faced across the street to where the kid activities were, so I could keep an eye on my girls from afar.

We rounded up the remaining troops and came home so we missed out on the pie eating contest, street dance and the Lion’s Club salmon bbq.  Back in our neighborhood we’d been invited to a local gathering.  We ate, drank and visited with neighbors for several hours before braving the frenzy at local fireworks stands to stock up on pyrotechnics.   The girls all wanted to head back into town for the professional show so we left our arsenal with the folks next door and told them to start without us. 

This year, before the big show started, about 30 little hot air balloon/bag things were set adrift. Each balloon was about 2 to 3 feet tall and they were released at regular intervals.  The slow, steady wind sent them off in a straight line on a south-east trajectory.  I wonder where they ended up and how they came down. The professional show lasted about 20 to 30 minutes with all of the expected “oohs” and “aahs”. 

By the time we returned home the neighbors were sweeping up cardboard carnage and putting away the folding chairs, having blown up everything in sight.  We were a little disappointed to have missed the show, but the girls had some sparklers to wave around, so they were content.

My DH had to work this morning.  The house is eerily quiet, even though everyone is up and about.  Fatigue from yesterday’s fun took the Mickey right out of us.  Today I’ll work on laundry and fortify my Sisu.  If the weather remains pleasant we many have a fire in the backyard this evening.

Cheers my friends!





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2 responses to “A Good Time Was Had By All

  1. DH

    Ahhhhh. It was tiring, but fun as hell.

  2. Roxie Matthews

    Good cess to your sisu. That’s a useful word!

    Looks like a splendid holiday for your whole crew. The sort of thing the girls will look back on 30 years hence and say, “Those were the good old days!”

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