What A Week!

I’m so glad that last week is over!  A1 took a turn for the worse that resulted in several ambulance rides, an emergency room visit, and three nights in Doernbecher Children’s Hospital at OHSU.   Her symptoms baffled the doctors and specialists because all of the tests for the usual illnesses, strep, mono, meningitis, etc. came back negative.  Her fever remained high for days, her neck was stiff, her glands swollen and a myriad of other discomforts wreaked havoc on the poor girl.   On day four we were able to take her home to await test results. The reasoning was that we could administer Advil for her fever just as easily and the hospital was only 1/2 hour away should something arise. A1’s spleen was/is swollen and some of her liver tests came back elevated, but all in all, she’s been resting much better at home.  Her dad and I are finally able to sleep too.  Today we heard back from the infectious disease specialist and it turns out she had a false negative for the Epstein Barr Virus and she has Mononucleosis.  Hooray for Mono!   She will be tired for a long time and her physical activity is extremely limited until her spleen returns to normal, but we’re all doing the happy dance that it isn’t something worse.   I can’t take any pictures of A1 herself without mortifying her, but here are some of the flowers and get-well gifts that she received. 

A2 and A3 spent one day visiting their sister, but it was a ten hour stay.  They were well-behaved and found unique forms of entertainment… many involving latex gloves. We didn’t ride the tram down to the river, but we watched folks loading in and out of it.

I started teaching summer school last week, so I didn’t have time to finish the tank top.  I’m not sure about the straps.  I want criss-crossy thingies in the back.

Plans to make fresh strawberry jam fell by the wayside too. Hopefully there are still some soft berries to be had at a local fruit stand. Many in the stores are starting to get a hard, woody texture to them.  A few blueberries are growing on our bushes, but there aren’t enough to cook with.  They’re monstrously huge though.



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6 responses to “What A Week!

  1. Erin Caudill

    I’m sooooo glad it’s just mono!!!!!! Thank you for sharing! Oh, and I love the tank top!

  2. knitwonpurltoo

    Best damn birthday present ever! I’m not sure whether Steven is checking out the gorgeous blueberry or thrilled for a second of your attention;-P

  3. Roxie Matthews

    Steven with Blueberry is a gorgeous photo!
    So, so glad that A1 has been diagnosed. Even if there’s not much you can do to speed healing, it’s nice to know it isn’t something worse.

  4. So sorry A1 has been going through a horrible time. Glad it was found to be “only” mono. Our son had it when he was 16. Took the medical people a while to find it, too; thought he had “sports asthma” or some kind of flu bug. Yikes. Yep, it will take her quite a while til full recovery. What a miserable thing to have happen in the summer. Here’s wishing you all…..a speedy recovery, or at least a peaceful one. Just rest! It’s all you can do.

  5. Glad A1 has been sorted. That’s Glandular fever [as we call it?] I had it when I was 17ish. Lots of rest and in my case revision as I had my exams coming up.
    PS Puppy is doing fine, and like Steven loves fruit, especially strawberries, but only after she has chased one round the floor for 10 mins.

  6. Gillian

    Hope you can all get back into a comforting routine. Summer, at least must mean it is easier all round. I’m glad Chillsider said it was Glandular Fever. It’s called that in UK and OZ and it is a major horror for teenaged folks. And their parents!!!
    Cheers for now

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