I’m A Grandma!

Okay, so it’s not biological, and I’m not a grandma in the strictest sense of the word, but considering that my oldest daughter is not yet 16, this is as close as I intend to come to grandparenthood for a few years. 

A1 will turn 16 in one week and to the surprise of all, she declined offers of a smart phone, a shopping trip, or any other materialistic teenaged temptation in lieu of getting a pet of her own.  I have a fear of dogs and since we have three kitties her pooch had to be small and friendly.  After searching the Humane Society, Craigslist, The Little Nickel, etc. she ended up falling in love with a little mutt from a pet store.   He is three months old and he’s half Pomeranian, half Toy Poodle. Would that make him a Pomapoo?  As of yet, he’s still nameless.  I puppy sat last night because A1 had a previously planned outing. 


With all of the excitement of the new puppy, most everything else has been neglected.  My relatives all glare at me from beneath a thick layer of dust.  The laundry pile has reached nose-bleed elevations and the floors are no longer visible.

We did manage to get a few, random chores and errands accomplished.  One of our priorities was getting A2’s charcoal “Dandelion Puff” matted and framed so it can be entered in the fair next week. It’s supposed to be ready for pick up on July 31.

I made four batches of raspberry jam, but the kids have already finished off two jars. I’ll try to pick up some more raspberries while waiting for the peaches to come in.

I’ve spun some two-ply DK weight yarn with the Merino roving. Initially I tried a three-ply, but I didn’t like the way the yarn felt.

I love the Colonial Blue color and it’s flecked throughout with bits of red, yellow and royal blue.   

Currently I have no plans for this yarn, so it will season in my stash for a while.  A shawl or wrap are strong project contenders.  Time will tell. Cheers!



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4 responses to “I’m A Grandma!

  1. Congrats Grammy!!! He is adorable and it appears already mistreated. You can tell just by looking at him sleeping in your arms. Your pictures can be dusted another day. LIfe is too short. And, the yarn is lovely. Nice work. Hugs,kiddle!!

  2. Roxie Matthews

    He looks really intelligent.You could be in trouble here. He may ally with the cats.

    The spinning looks wonderful -and the drawing totally rocks! The kid is gifted. Good luck in the competition.

  3. Congratulations – that is one of the most stupidly adorably puppies I’ve ever seen! I’d call him Bear!

  4. Gillian

    Well! What a real cutie! Life is going to change now.
    I sometimes think that yarn is beautiful just as it is. I have lots that has never been made into anything because it changes so much and sometimes not for the better.
    Cheers Gillian

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