While At the Fair

Saturday evening the whole family, plus our friend, D, went to the county fair.  Earlier in the day the temperature reached 103°F, but by the time we went the temps had plummeted to a mere 95°.  Thankfully, the fair officials had constructed misting stations throughout the grounds so attendees could walk through and cool off.  As per the norm, our kids weren’t even slightly interested in the animals, vendors or exhibits, they just wanted to go on the rides. We didn’t even try to talk them into looking at things, we just went straight to the ticket booth and bought them their ride bracelets.

My DH and I chose not to go on the rides,but while waiting for them we noticed something sticking out from underneath a plastic canvas.

A parent never wants to see unused parts strewn beneath an awning while his/her children are a million feet off the ground on the ride above the hidden cache of metal bits. 

My DH and I dutifully watched and waved from below, while trying not to worry about what exactly those parts were supposed to hold on or lift up. 

The sun set while the girls and D went on ride after ride. Eventually, A3 blew chunks following a ride that we’ve nicknamed the “Hurl a Whirl” and she had to take a rest before re-joining the adventurous group. 

My DH and I were able to sneak away for a couple of half hour kid-free moments.  During those precious down times we wandered through the stalls and exhibits.  This year the fair had an “Old West” theme. Who hasn’t dreamed of sending their spouse to the big house?

I was extremely impressed with the authenticity of this sheriff’s clothing.  His pants were rough-spun wool, with what appeared to be hand-stitched details.  My DH was more interested in his sawed-off shot-gun. He looked like a real, live anachronism amid the fair goers in their modern garb.

We enjoyed visiting the animals, but we felt sorry for the fur-covered critters in the hot barns.  They had to be roasting during the daytime.


 This last fellow is the spitting image of a rooster named, Arnold, that we had while I was growing up. Arnold made my life Hell for quite a few years.  I’m sure that Arnold was really Satan in disguise. He would hide around corners and wait for victims to attack.  I kept a supply of extra long poles by our front door, as well as at the edge of the yard so I could fend off the foul fowl when he launched his assaults. That little pile of feathered evil put my dear Grandma Eva in the hospital following one of his vicious attacks.  Eventually Arnold expired following a blow upside the head he got when  he tried to pull a sneak attack on my Grandpa Porgy while he was bent over welding. The diminutive devil never knew what hit him.

Sorry, I digress… Back at the fair I found the various stages of yarn enchanting, but the others in our party didn’t even feign interest. They never even paused while I stopped to snap a few pictures and pet a few bits of fluff. 

I must say though that the fiber, animals and dangerous rides couldn’t hold a candle to he most exciting part of the evening. In the Still Exhibits barn we discovered that A3 had won a blue ribbon for her painting…

“Phoenix Moon” acrylic on canvas

and that A2 had won a red ribbon for her charcoal drawing!

“Dandelion” charcoal on paper

It was closing time when we packed up to go home. A yellow waning moon glowed as we shuffled with numb legs and heavy feet back to the car. 

It was a good night.



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2 responses to “While At the Fair

  1. Roxie Matthews

    What a splendid trip to the fair! Winning ribbons, getting spun around till you puke, chickens and bunnies and wool, oh my! Looks like your family covered all the possibilities.

    Those pieces under the tarp were the packing materials that hold the pieces of the ride together during transport. At least, that’s what they told ME.

  2. Artistry is obviously in the genes.

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