Sweet 16

My eldest daughter turned sixteen on the 5th.  Our gift to her was the puppy, who has now been Christened, “Thor”.  She didn’t have a birthday party, but we had a family dinner at home with a couple of friends. She asked to go for a drive, just to get out of the house.

So, after cake and ice cream we went to Portland so we could walk around and enjoy the warm summer evening. The waterfront was bustling with activity. Who would have guessed that so many people would be out late on a Sunday evening! The sunset was to-die-for gorgeous.  Here are my family and friends, with the river and Rose Garden behind them.

My DH told me what the different bridges’ names were, but I can’t remember. 

This fellow pulled up to us and turned down his music to ask my DH and I how our evening was going.  When the others stopped walking too and he realized that there were seven of us in the group he drove on and picked up these guys.


Surprisingly, Voodoo Donuts was still open at 10:00 pm, and there was still a line stretching down the block full of people waiting to get in.

Everyone was friendly and happy to be out.  The girls and I had a picture taken with a complete stranger, who was more than happy to pose with us.

The girls also posed for some silly shots with non-living people.

The girls’ friend, D, had school Monday morning, so we went our separate ways in Portland and then meandered back up to our own home.  This was taken of him earlier in the day, while he tried to rest, following long exposure to the energy-sucking, giggling, estrogen-laden force that is my girls.


Here are my DH and I together, but this was actually taken several days ago.  Usually one of the two of us is operating the camera, so pictures that we’re both in are few and far between. 


I’ve not knitted much.  Just a few dish cloths here and there.

I’ve spun a little too.  Next year I’ll try to be organized enough to try entering some of my yarn in the fair.  This is just a little bit of heavy lace, or thin sock weight 2 ply.  It reminds me of mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Elsewhere, the pet dynamics have completely changed since A1 got Thor. Bonny and Roxie now seek solace near one another, but no cuddling.  Steven wants to be friends with the puppy in the worst way, but the puppy is a little too bouncy for his tastes. I still think it’s funny that her 3 pound, 3 ounce dog is named for the god of Thunder! Thor goes about 100 mph without stopping for about an hour at a time, then he collapses in a heap and sleeps for several hours.  We forgot how much work having a toddler in the house is.  Everything goes into his mouth, so we have to put anything we want to keep or that might hurt him up high.  He discovered the cat box yesterday so this morning I built a partition to keep their food and litter safely away from the pooch. He’s chewed up several I-Pod charging cords and he has a dangerous affinity towards shoes.  It’s a good thing that he’s so friggin’ adorable!

It’s still hard to fathom that we have a child old enough to drive. She’s loving her birthday pooch. Right now she’s making plans for attending community college along with her high school classes this fall. A1 seemed to enjoy her low-key birthday, and she surprised us by not once lamenting her lack of a pink Corvette or a shopping spree for $250.00 jeans to mark her 16th trip around the sun. Happy birthday to my young lady!



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3 responses to “Sweet 16

  1. knitwonpurltoo

    That is not possible. Where has the time gone?

  2. Roxie Matthews

    Hope the walkabout didn’t over-tire her. It looks like a helluva lot of fun! I love the photos with the statue. Hugs and love to you all!

    Thor (Snicker) Great name.

    Mint chocolate chip ice cream. yummy yarn.

  3. Calpurnia says hi to Thor and hopes for a picture soon! How’s the potty training?

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