Half a Century

Last weekend my mom and dad celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.  My sister and I wanted to throw a moderately-sized party for them, but they are not big on parties or formalities.  They even threatened to leave town if we planned anything even remotely fancy, so in the end, the occasion was marked with a casual picnic in the field next to their house. 

Cake my sister had made for them.  The vines and berries are cranberries.

Friends and family came and went throughout the afternoon.  A lot of people were unable to attend, but those who did seemed relaxed  and happy to be there. Even though we were on the Washington coast, the weather was pleasant and it didn’t rain.

Dad and Mom cutting the cake.

My clever sister came up with ideas for decorating that transcended the usual balloons and crepe-paper streamers. She used gold ornaments and ribbons to decorate a tree near the driveway and she created cranberry vines and berries along the windbreak by the fire pit.

Golden Anniversary Tree near the driveway

“Cranberries” along the fence

Random shot.  The R.V.s behind the fence belong to my mom’s cousins.



Group photo with a lot of people missing.


Five generations, featuring Grandpa Porgy, Dad, my brother, David, his oldest daughter, Heather, and her three girls.


 Some of the original wedding guests

Pictures from my mom and dad’s photo album were out for people to view.  One of my favorite was this one of my grandmothers.  I miss them both a lot.

Grandma Eva, 46 and Grandma Helen, 37

 My DH took the girls to the beach for several hours, but they didn’t get to play there long.  While getting ready to go A1 went to put on one of her boots and found a little froggy hiding in the toe.  Luckily for him, he didn’t seem to be smashed.

He was happy to be relocated to a nearby plant, and I’m sure he has a whopper of a story to share back at the lily pad.

Mom and Dad set up a net for volleyball or badminton.  The girls played viciously for awhile. Who would have thought that badminton was a blood sport!

Girls playing badminton with Sadie Mae (Mom and Dad’s doggy) ready to catch stray shuttlecocks

Flowers near Mom and Dad’s front door

casual visiting among friends and family

Grandpa Porgy

Grand Nieces enjoying cake

My DH and my little brother

Cousin Kathleen with her Vespa

My sister and Mom

Mom decided that her Great Grandson needed glasses.

We had to leave early the next morning to head home and our time there went way too fast.  Happy anniversary Mom and Dad!  Thank you for all of the hard work Jackie!



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4 responses to “Half a Century

  1. Karen O

    Fantastic pictures and looks like a delightful party with family. Love Jackie’s cranberry lights! If only they could become a permanent fixture there. How cool it is that you have a picture of both your grandmothers together! What a treasure!

  2. Sharon and Herb

    We had a great time at the 50th party. Nice to be able to sit and relax and enjoy time with all of you too. And to see the kids and grandkids too.
    Thanks for inviting us.
    Herb and Sharon

  3. knitwonpurltoo

    Happy Anniversary to Heide’s Mom and Dad! Fifty years in one relationship is most definitely time for a celebration. I’m so glad you could have such a neat one!

  4. Gillian

    Five generations in one pic is outstanding but I think the “original wedding guests” is the winner for me out of all those fantastic pieces of history.
    Such a low key shot of people who have been around a while and are still there and care about one another.
    What a great day all round.
    Cheers Gillian

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