One Summer Week

This past week I almost succeeded in spinning bulky-weight singles.  I’ve no idea why this is so hard to do.  Logic would dictate that this be a piece of cake compared with cobweb or lace weight yarn, but the latter comes to me easily, while the former remains elusive.

The cats are much better knitting helpers than Thor.  Not only does he sleep on the job, but he  chews on the yarn!

Last week A2 and A3 really wanted to dress up in their cosplay outfits and go to the mall.  They were thrilled to be recognized and approached by quite a few people.  Several people took pictures of them and one young lady was very excited.  She had just moved to Vancouver from Wisconsin and when she heard that an anime’ convention was scheduled  just a few weeks out she squealed with joy.  As we were leaving the mall the girls spied this sign posted on the picture studio counter in J.C. Penneys (we had parked near their entrance).

Here is a close up of the sign.  The worker left her contact information and has conversed with A2 via email over the past few days.

All the girls are planning their cosplay outfits and organizing their schedules to see and do as much as possible during the upcoming event.  Here is A1 experimenting with different make-up looks to accompany a Pokemon outfit.


Sadly, all of this costume planning means that I’ve been tasked with lots of sewing.  Sewing is not my favorite pastime.

My wee little garden is in full production and we’ve had salads with dinner almost every night.  I didn’t plant a large variety or vast quantity of vegetables, but the plants I do have are prolific.



Last week, while cleaning the dining room floors, I moved everything except the piano and wardrobe into the living room.  Unfortunately, while my sister’s loom was in there A3 bumped into it and it fell over.  Two little plastic pegs that separate the frames holding the heddles snapped off.  They are easy and inexpensive to replace, but rather than risk more extensive damage I decided to get the loom safely up to my sister’s house.

We loaded it up, along with a large bunch of lavender (she makes lots of soap, etc.) and delivered it to her today. 


My sister doesn’t have a wee little garden with a select variety of vegetables.  She has an edible jungle that would shame Ed Hume with its bounty.  She sent us home with mountains of green beans, carrots, apples, peas and blue berries.

I love having so many fresh vegetables on the plate that there isn’t room for meat or starch (except the corn, in this case).  I’d love to eat like this year around.

The cats are all still miffed that we brought a woofer into the house.  Steven is the most laid back of our felines, but even a mellow, yellow, fellow like Steve can only endure so much slobbery, bouncy doggyness.

I have two plants in our dining room/living room area that are climbing all over the place.  I’d like to re-pot them, but that means untangling them and laying out the stems while trying not to damage them.  I know that the poor little things are probably root-bound though and I’d like to get it done before school starts on the 29th. I am going in on this Wednesday to help my boss set up the room before the students get there. 

In the meantime, I’m trying to make the most out of what little remains of summer.  Wish you were all closer to enjoy a cuppa!



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4 responses to “One Summer Week

  1. knitwonpurltoo

    Do enjoy the remains of your summer. From the looks of things, you’ve been mighty busy!!!

  2. Roxie Matthews

    WE need pictures of Madame Red and Cabbage Man as well. Isn’t it fun to play dress-up?

    The bulky yarn is freaking awesome. And beautiful! Whatcha gonna do with it?

    Thor is still a baby. When he mellows, the cats will be more accepting. Steve IS a mellow yellow fellow. Very aptly stated.

    Fresh vegetables in exchange for a loom? Good deal. Bon appetite!

  3. Karen O

    Fantastic! I wish I liked gardening…I’d love to have lots of fresh veggies in my backyard. Then again, I wish I had a back yard…

  4. Gillian

    Me too! I have a courtyard with a square meter of soil for a herb patch!
    Gorgeous yarn. Well done! and the girls look so delightful dressed up. I’ve never even heard of these sorts of conventions. How amazing.
    Cheers Gillian

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