It’s with a heavy heart that I bid adieu to summer. On my last complete day of freedom I harvested, diced and froze all of the rhubarb, picked basil for making pesto, started dehydrating apricots and baked zucchini muffins.  Tomorrow morning I’ll finish making the pesto and shred the rest of the zucchini so it can be frozen before commencing afternoon school stuff. 

In addition to putting up food, I spent about an hour spinning some roving that I’d dyed the previous week and I sewed antennae and wings on a Celebi cosplay for A1.

The girls were subdued and the house had a somber quality seldom felt in our home.  Admittedly, part of the unusual quietude was due to Thor going to work with my DH and A1 for the day.  The cats even resumed their normal routine, albeit with a degree of leariness.  They are rather jumpy, and I’m pretty sure it’s because they’re afraid of being pounced on by the puppy.  Roxanna now spends most of her time in the wardrobe with the table linens.

A3  and I enjoyed an after-dinner walk.  I can’t keep up with her, so most of my views are of her backside disappearing around the next bend in the trail.

We traveled an unfamiliar path and found some new curiosities along the way.

Artistic inspiration prompted me to exhibit without inhibition, in spite of the complete strangers roaming the trails and casting nervous glances.  I’m sure they thought I was either crazy or on drugs. 

Tomorrow we all must buckle down, pack up and prepare for school.  Sensible bedtimes, predictable schedules and nutritious meals may benefit book learning, but we find them boring and a tad stifling.  Farewell to creativity and spontaneity.  You will be missed.



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4 responses to “Farewell!

  1. Roxie Matthews

    I dunno – when I play in public, people smile and wish that they could be less uptight. Hooray for you playing in public. I LOVE your artistic interpretation of the sculpture!!

    You accomplish more on a day off than I do in a full week of work. Swear to dog, woman, you are a human dynamo!

    Roxanna has the right idea. Stake out your warm, safe and cozy nest now and no one will contest your right to it come winter.

    Did Thor have fun at work?

  2. summer has definitely gone by very fast in my neck of the woods – they are predicting a warm fall for us though.

  3. Karen O

    Taking a hike with Emma has similar views…she’s usually 1/2 mile ahead of us on the trail. I assume she’s out there making sure there are no cougars on the path for us.

  4. Him Indoors has been making rhubarb wine, but it keeps “stopping” so I don’t know if we are ever going to drink it.
    We are off to visit kids and g’kids in Nevada tomorrow, so will be on the same continent for a while. Poor puppy will be in doggie prison [kennels] I cried when we went to inspect gacilities, so HI is taking her tomorrow.

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