Long Time No Post

Once again, my camera broke, and without visual aids I feel less compelled to record activities.  I’m not sure if laziness at having to actually describe all events is to blame, or if writing insecurity is prevents regular reports. I adore verbose rambles, but I’m also acutely aware that few others appreciate the resulting randomness.  Folks under the age of 20, in particular, prefer concise, limited text-speak… for the most part.  A few blurry pictures taken via our un-smart cell phones and gleaned from other’s on-line albums add minor enhancements for your edification and amusement.

Anyway, since last thrilling everyone with artful cinematography, via my attempt at video making on YouTube, our family has occupied a private berth on the Crazy Train that accompanies each and every new school year. 

A1 has cheer practice or football games to attend almost daily.  She also begins taking classes at community college, in addition to high school, tomorrow.  Hopefully the class loads won’t be overwhelming.  She will have Chemistry, Japanese, English 101, Choir and Yoga. When the sky is clear there is a lovely view of Mt. St. Helens from the stadium, but alas, it isn’t visible in this picture, which was taken Friday evening.

A2 is busy with JR high and art school.  She also turned 14, for which she received a coveted pair of limited edition false teeth .

 Her favorite dessert, peanut butter pie, (recipe at bottom of linked page) replaced a traditional birthday cake, but she opted to not have chocolate chips in it so I added some chocolate swirls instead. 

A3’s school year has been a little hectic.  She likes her teachers, but switching classes for each subject is a little rough on her; especially since none of her friends from last year are in her home room class.  In addition to missing her friends, A3 is having a more difficult time fitting in with her peers.  Many of the kids in the 6th grade are already into “dating”, clothes, make-up and drama that used to start in middle school or high school in generations past.  A3 is still into climbing trees, Legos and cartoons. And when some of the more “mature” students are snarky to her, she doesn’t have enough sense to ignore them and she lashes out with some pretty harsh comebacks, which the other students have complained to the teachers about, so A3 has been getting into trouble.  I have no question that my child has said the things she’s accused of, but I do wish that the adults in the picture would address the whole scenario instead of just focusing on the resulting insults from A3.

Last week I sold Old Blue to some very nice ladies from the Portland area.  They were thrilled with how smoothly he spun and packing him out to their car was a sad moment for me, but selling my trusty friend was worth it because I was able to finally buy the girls some school clothes for the year.  A3, in particular, loved getting new shoes.  She picked out a pair of black leather boots highly suitable for both fleeing and fighting in the event of a zombie apocalypse. 

Yesterday Brian and I took A3 and A2 to a park in Ridgefield to play with friends. Of course we had to walk down to get ice cream and on the walk I noticed that the library was holding a book sale. I may have accidentally wandered into the building to use the restroom and taken a wrong turn into the book room. As luck would have it, the sale was at an end, so the books went from $.50 each to $1.00 for a whole bag.  An eclectic mix of tomes filled the room.  I skipped the three tables of romance novels and went straight to the crafts and history sections.  I picked up one knitting book and discovered two titles for my DH.  The first was a World Of Warcraft guide, the second was this fine work:

The other two and 3/4 bags consisted of an assortment of Medieval History books.  It looked like Clark County libraries had purged every shelf in the region of references to the Dark Ages.  I have everything from historical cookbooks to “Who’s Who In the Middle Ages”.  I plan on stashing the latter collection until I can meet up with Karen to see if there is anything among the books that she wants or needs.

I’m in a knitting quagmire.  The unfinished projects I should be working on are at a standstill because I’m not sure how to fix/finish them.  Each new knitting project has felt like a chore, rather than a joy, so I’ve begun and frogged back two pairs of socks, one shawl and a sweater during the past two weeks. It may be time to cast on a quick project with really large needles. Sometimes just finishing something, no matter how small, works miracles in motivating.  This afternoon I’ll visit Knitty and Ravelry to see if anything pops out. Cheers!



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5 responses to “Long Time No Post

  1. knitwonpurltoo

    OK. Now please explain to me how we’re supposed to prevent bullying when the victim is not allowed to lash out. She might have even used profanity, but seriously? Our schools are filled with administrative idiots and fools and the teacher, students, parents and taxpayers are being held hostage! eep. Was that a return rant? So understand about the finances. Frank, my car, is still going and I pray he keeps going. I worry about being hit and losing him that way. I cannot afford a new car. I’m on my way out to go buy another damned vaccum cleaner. I love my furbabiez, but I’ve gone through 4 vacuums in 3 years. It’s hard to focus on knitting when you have so much other stuff going on, dear friend!!!!

  2. Karen O

    Just a note: if you get your car damaged by another in an accident, the insurance company usually gives you an *offer* that you can counter-offer to get a replacement vehicle of similar age and mileage. Chris & Kristine did this several years ago–their ol’ trusty car got demolished and the insurance offered a pittance for it. They found newspaper ads for cars of similar make, model & year and were able to get a bunch more to actually BUY a replacement car.
    I’ll look over your list of Medieval books and see what I can find. If nothing else, I can take them off your hands and set them out at an upcoming event for folks to take, or donate them to the Barony’s library (if they have such a thing).
    Tell A3 to hang in there–it’s a hard lesson to learn to hold your tongue when others really need a lashing, and to report verbal abuse (from the other kids) to the principal or teacher after each incident. Document, document, document. Hugs!!

  3. Roxie Matthews

    Interesting that the kids who bullied her are complaining about how mean she is. Maybe someone should tell them to just leave her alone. It’s so hard for a kid to figure these things out.

    May the goose that lays golden eggs build a nest under your back porch.

  4. I endorse above comments and add that I enjoy your ramblerthons. We have just returned from 2 weeks with family in Nevada, daughter and son in law are very much in same house-boat. They bought 2 houses, one to rent out and then market collapsed, so far they have kept them both going. Daughter can’t earn much as grandson is a bit rambunctious [nearly 4] so kindergartens etc. are not keen. He is doing 4 mornings a week now in a class for behaviour difficulties and as we left received a totally positive report card for the week, so whether it was g’ma influence or not, I am smiling.

  5. Gillian

    Maybe A3 can have some false teeth too! I’d buy her some but the left wing mirror just fell off my car.
    Nothing nicer than a good long trawl through the knitting patterns and short- listing a few. They always look their best in the pictures and that’s when I dream that I shall look like the model when I’ve knitted mine.
    Cheers Gillian

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