Change is inevitable, but most of the time it’s gradual, allowing my slow-brain to acclimatize and process throughout the metamorphosis.  Changes haven’t been as gentle this last month.  It’s hard to wrap my brain around the idea that A1 is now taking college classes.  Her schedule has her darting to and fro between high school, the college at the other end of the county, back to the high school, then back again to the college several days a week.  The traveling wouldn’t be so bad if she had a driver’s license or if public transportation were an option.  The good news is that she loves her classes and she’s doing very well, especially in Japanese.  Thor is now over 5 pounds and he’s transforming from puppy to dog very quickly.  Soon he’ll be ready to visit the vet, with a one-way ticket for his tag-along nuffies.   A3 is also growing at an alarming rate.  She’s now taller than everyone except her dad. Both Thor and A3 lost teeth on Thursday.  Can you tell which tooth belongs to which critter? 

I love my job for a multitude of reasons.  My students are sweet, my co-workers are amazing and I’m thankful each and every day for having the same schedule and hours as my girls.  The only complaint I have is that I wish it paid better, but most people would probably say the same of their own jobs.  Yesterday at work one of my student’s mothers gave me a beautiful necklace that she’s designed and made herself.  It’s hard to tell from the pictures, but the stone is a lovely shade of Chartreuse.

Last week I finished knitting a Gingko Shoulderette Shawl for the gift stash.  I used some variety of Knitpicks yarn, but the label is missing so the type remains a mystery.

My sincerest apologies for the grainy pictures, but they’re still courtesy of my tempermental cell-phone, which detests my presence and strives to thwart each and every attempt to use anything except the calling feature.

My DH and I’ve decided we want to move because we’re tired of being tired.  The house is bigger than we need (2,200 square feet) and the maintenance on both it and the yard are more than we can keep up with physically.  We can’t afford to pay someone else to do the work for us either, so the poor house grows shabbier by the month.  So now the big question is how to gracefully escape. The market in our region took a huge hit, so even with a hefty down payment we still owe more than it’s worth.  It seems we have lots of company on this doomed ship.  Any suggestions from others who have weathered this storm are greatly appreciated.

Speaking of storms, this morning we had rain for the first time in several months!  The roads are a slick mess, but otherwise it’s welcome.  I’ve often thought that all rain happening during the nights would be a fine solution.  That way we would still get needed precipitation while enjoying blue skies and sunshine during the days.  If I ever create my own world I’ll be all over that.

My Grandpa Porgy took a little fall and broke a vertebrae in his back.  Following a brief hospital stay he moved to a rehabilitation home.  He’s being moved again next week to a facility requiring less care, but he’s still not ready for moving back home.  He’s a pretty tough fellow for being almost 92!  

My parents are in the midst of cranberry harvest.  It’s crazy busy at their place right now. I’d love to go and help them out, but in all honesty, by the time our family swoops in, we’re more of a hindrance than anything.  I wish we lived close enough to drive out for day trips. 

Time to run errands and tackle Mt. Laundry.  Cheers, my friends!


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2 responses to “Changes

  1. Roxie Matthews

    If Thor puts his tooth under his pillow, will the fairy bring him a quarter? How did A3 lose her tooth?

    Power to your grandpa! May he heal quickly and may his nurses be buxom.

    Good luck with the house sale. The market is coming up a bit. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you.

  2. knitwonpurltoo

    I wish I had advice for you, but don’t. I do think it would be best for you to get out of the house. Are there financial advisers in your area like Consumer Credit (who are free and don’t recommend bankruptcy)?. Gingko is lovely. I love the tooth comparison. And, isn’t that the way? A kindness from a student’s mom. So very sweet.

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