Gas! Gas! Gas!

My DH had a training exercise this past weekend and he ended up spending hours each day in MOPP Level 4.  In other words, he had to wear a gas mask and a chemical warfare suit over his regular uniform.  He tried explaining to my eldest child what it was like, but in the end, he let her just try it on for a few minutes.  She posed fiercely for the picture.

It didn’t take long for her to understand what he was talking about.  The protective gear is extremely hot, bulky and annoying to get in and out of.  Back in my day the suits were much heavier and the masks only had two lenses set into holes to see out of instead of having the wide lenses. We all looked like Sand People from Tatooine.

I enjoyed my brief (6 years) time in the military, but port-a-potties and  hours spent sweltering in MOPP gear are two memories I’d not want to relive.

I’m working on a pair of socks, but they’re going slow due to a consistent lack of dedicated knitting time.  The drought here has officially ended.  Most likely we’ll have rain up through next June.   Grandpa Porgy was successfully moved to a new retirement home today. We don’t know how long he will be there.  For the price he could be staying at a really, really nice resort someplace and be ordering room service. Not much else happening. Cheers!



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3 responses to “Gas! Gas! Gas!

  1. Roxie Matthews

    Someone figured that a cheap room on a cruise ship would be a great retirement option because there’s 24 hour room service, housekeeping, a doctor on call, fabulous food to accommodate your diet and tastes, lots free activities, daily bingo and movies, and all for less per day than your average retirement home.

    The fierce pose in the suit looks like she’s passing gas. At least it was just drill for him, and not a real attack. And, thank God, it wasn’t 102 in the shade. How many pounds did he sweat off?

  2. Karen O

    Bonus: on a cruise ship, you get to see lots of fabulous places and meet interesting new people!

    Love the Sand people analogy. Now I know where they got their costume ideas.

  3. We did a cruise round the Med. this summer, they claimed that people who know they haven’t got long to live buy a ticket, hit the bars and die before bill at end of cruise. We had two medical port stops for stretchered off cases and one for the morgue. Fun days in the sun.

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