Saturday Night

Thor doesn’t much care for his weekly baths, but he gets quite ripe without them.   

He doesn’t squirm during the ordeal, but he does whine up a storm.

 His hair is so long that he looks surprisingly small when wet and fluff isn’t a factor.


 We discovered several months back that he is utterly terrified of blow dryers. We don’t want to traumatize the poor pup, so he gets a good towel drying and brushing after each bath. 

 Then, for good measure, he runs around the house like his tail is on fire. I took a video of the silly pooch, but loading it is proving beyond my capabilities tonight.

A1 is at Homecoming right now.  This year’s theme was, “A Night Under The Big Top”, so the girls wanted some circus bling for the occasion (hence the top hats).  A large group was riding together in a pink Hummer limousine. 


A3 had two simultaneous parties to attend this evening, so we split up her time between the two.  One was a Halloween party that included pumpkin carving.

Ash, armed with her pumpkin saw

The other party was a birthday celebration, slumber party, where the brave parents decided to let all of the attendees paint their playroom floor.  With permanent paint. I wish them luck with the endeavor.

A2 is enjoying some rare, “Only Child” time.  She is watching a movie with her dad right now.

 I finished a pair of socks for a co-worker/friend. The colors are bright turquoise and sea-foam green in person and the colors blend much more than they do in the picture.

I picked up a shawl out of my WIP bin to work on, only to realize that I never wrote down the last row I knitted before I put it away several years ago.  Oops! It might be faster to rip it out and start all over again.

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekends. Cheers!



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2 responses to “Saturday Night

  1. Roxie Matthews

    Hugs and love. I’m thinking of those two hot babes out for the evening in the storm last night, with rain slickers covering up those voluptuous bosoms. Hope she had a wonderful time!!

  2. Gillian

    At least you can get Thor into the water. He looks really cute Cats are not like that! I have trouble getting Tink into travel bag.
    Cheers Gillian

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