Critters at Home


“Why hello there mom, whatcha doing?”



 “Oh, you’re knitting sumfing (as usual)

oops, I mean, that’s neat mom, great job on the… thingy!”




  “I’ll just sit next to you and quietly do my laundry.”



elsewhere, in another part of the house…


“The house is quiet. I am all alone. My family is lost!”


“Do not worry family.  I will find you!”



“Oh #$*@!”


“Steve!  You were lost and I found you.  Where are you going Steve?

I shall come too so you are not alone.”


” Aah! Personal space, you #$*@ mutt!”



“What is wrong, Steven? You seem angry.”




“Grandma, something is wrong with my favorite best friend, Steven!  I see that you are knitting me a new toy!”


“Oh look! It is my Auntie A, she is my favorite.  Auntie A., you were lost, but now I found you!”


You may have noticed that Thor has had a haircut since last week.  He seems to enjoy his new do, especially now that we don’t have to constantly brush his hair. He is still smaller than the kitties, and now that he’s 6 months old I don’t think that he’ll get much bigger.  The house-selling paperwork is completed and signs go up this week.  We’re crossing our fingers for a quick sale.  The realtor is optimistic. My amazing co-workers have done so much to help us out that I’m overwhelmed. We are all much-relieved at our decision to downsize, even though there is lots of work ahead.  

For my friends and family who have not seen this on Facebook, here is a copy of one of A2’s “doodles” she did in class last week. We shall not discuss her grades, that is another issue unto itself. 



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6 responses to “Critters at Home

  1. Roxie Matthews

    Love the shawl, the Steven photos,and the saga of Thor the Valiant, finding his family.

  2. Thank heaven you have Thor. How else would you all find your way? There’s nothing like a busy puppy, is there? Poor Steven. Love the sketch and the shawl and it’s really good to hear that the house issue is moving along. Hugs, kiddle!!!!

  3. Poor Steve – but Thor is a cutie!
    A2s doodles are pretty awesome – I doodled all through high school and college.

  4. Karen O

    A2’s “doodles” exceed my greatest achievements. Astounding. I’ll have her do the illustrations to my children’s books (whenever I get around to finishing them). Hugs to all, and good luck with the house sale.

  5. I’ve caught up on your posts – I hope everyone is recovery from injuries and illness. We down sized when my ^{%%!! ex took me to court to force me to sell our house…best thing in many ways – I hope it’s quick and painless. I have no doubt it’s a good move, in the long run. Loved the Halloween pictures – have you ever seen Warehouse 13? A3 reminds me of Claudia in that picture (that’s good :-). A2 is truly gifted! Wow! What a fabulous drawing!

    So much going on in the last few months… I hope you’re taking care of yourself. Take care, darlin’!

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