There and Back Again

This weekend A1 and I drove out to the coast for an overnight visit.  The reason for our trip was completely selfish.  I wanted to go visit my Grandpa Porgy.  He is staying in a convalescent home about 35 miles from my parents’ house and since he hurt his back last month I’ve been wanting to go see him, but just haven’t had a way to go. Even now, the timing was difficult for my DH and girls considering that we are trying to pack and keep the house clean in case prospective buyers wanted to come look at it.  In addition to dumping a tremendous burden on my husband, my parents, who  are still trying to finish up cranberry harvest, had to put up with extra bodies in their house. I am thankful to everyone for their indulgence.

A1 and I split the driving on Saturday morning. We made one stop at a seafood store to pick up pickled herring and smoked oysters for Grandpa. We wanted to wait for my sister to arrive and for my dad to be available before going to visit Grandpa, so we had time to walk around the bogs. Less than an acre remained to be picked. The skies were blue, but the temperature was quite chilly, especially when the wind would pick up.


irrigation sump near the bogs



unpicked berries

A1 next to a tote full of  sorted berries waiting for pick up and  delivery to @cean $pray

Once my sister arrived there was still lots of time before my dad would be available so A1, my mom, my sister and I all perused some local gift shops the town’s yarn store.  Once done with shopping we drove down to Tokeland for an extremely brief walk along the beach because the tide was in and the wind was very cold.

That evening my dad drove us over to see Grandpa. The visit was heart-breaking.  Grandpa was in so much pain that he asked us all to leave. He also said that he’s tired and ready to go be with Grandma Helen.  I asked the nurse about medication, but she told me that he’d had all that they were allowed to give him.  We left the seafood with the nurses and my sister and I left some pictures of him and Grandma so he’d have something to look at. The nurse we spoke with that evening was very nice.

The next morning I called over to the home to see if he was feeling any better and the nurse who answered said that she would make sure he had his medication so we could come and see him while he was feeling well enough for company.  My parents loaded us up with salmon and fresh cranberries, then my sister gave us half of a 45 pound squash that she’d grown.

Our visit with Grandpa was brief, but he didn’t hurt as much as he had the night before.  A different nurse (or orderly, or some such person) said that part of his problem is that he’s depressed and feeling sorry for himself.  Well, no shit Sherlock! Of course he’s depressed.  He’s in terrible pain and he probably will never be able to go home again. Who wouldn’t be depressed. Saying goodbye was very hard.

Grandpa said that he didn’t need or want anything, but his hands were extremely cold, so today I knitted him a pair of fingerless mitts.  They will match the coat he has there.  They are made with some of my handspun Merino wool and I knitted them with a set of Grandma Helen’s needles.  The package is going in the mail first thing tomorrow morning.

Some people are coming to look at the house the day after tomorrow.  Hopefully it will sell soon so we can move on.  Cheers!



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2 responses to “There and Back Again

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about your grandpa. I’m sure the mitts will cheer him up a bit!

  2. Very sorry to hear about your grandpa. Prayers going out that his pain will ease and he’ll be feeling better very soon. It’s wonderful that you were able to spend some time with him.

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