Little Knits

This past month I’ve been knitting smaller projects, but even so, I can’t seem to keep up with demands.  I’ve made three headbands of various colours and patterns.

In addition to Grandpa Porgy’s fingerless mitts, I’ve started two other pairs. 

Actually, I finished one mitt and started its mate, but Thor chewed a hole in the first one. 

I don’t know if I can mend the hole and I know that there will not be enough yarn left to make two more out of the remnants of the skein, so the brown pair was started in the interim.

This evening my family and I went for ice cream and now we’re going to watch the movie, “Elf” before turning in.  The girls have been extremely silly and we’re hoping a quiet evening at home will help them settle down.

Tomorrow is another showing of the house.  We’ve had three other groups come through this week, but nobody has been interested enough to make an offer yet. The anonymous, on-line feedback left so far show the ratings for the interior, exterior and price as “Average”, but they all said, “No” when they came to the questions regarding looking again or wanting to buy it.  There are lots of new houses for sale around us and most of them are pretty spiffy. We may have a big yard and nice house layout, but we’re lacking in granite counters and water features.  It’s still early though.

Off to knit and watch a silly movie.  Cheers!



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6 responses to “Little Knits

  1. Karen O

    Even if you had granite counters and landscaping, the new owners would probably want to tear it out and replace everything. Make it homey and comfortable and the right buyer will come.

  2. Anonymous

    bake something smelly good before the showing… even if its a witches brew of cloves, cinnamon, apples etc on the stove… SMELL it good!!

  3. I left a comment, or tried to, on FB, but damn that thing. It wouldn’t take it, so here we go again. Love the headbands. Bad Thor! I don’t know how to mend knits with middle holes, so I’m no help. And, just be patient with the house. You are moving forward. Maybe not fast, but still it’s forward motion. Hugs, kiddle!!!!!

  4. Roxie Matthews

    I love it that when your girls get silly, they play together instead of picking on one another.

    There is a superstition that if you bury a small statue of St. Joseph in your front garden, your house will sell faster. You can find St. Joseph in Catholic supply stores.

    The fingerless mitt is mendable, but will you be able to endure the fact that it’s mended? Maybe you can ravel back to the hole and re-knit?

  5. Sometimes little knits are just what you need!

  6. Gillian

    Having sold quite a few houses! I wish you all the best with this one. Yes, make it smell good, keep it as tidy as you can ( I have been known to leave for work with a set of boxes on the back seat holding lots of stuff that shouldn’t be left lying around), and keep smiling. Re-act to comments on the net because people will assume that they are right! You know better.
    Really good luck.
    Cheers Gillian

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