What do you get if you combine Martha Stewart with a Ninja? 

I don’t know either, but I could have kicked her arse today!  Family illnesses sabotaged our plans to spend the holiday with my parents at their home in Grayland.  Because of the afore-mentioned itinerary, no groceries, save the makings of a fruit platter and an ambrosia salad, were on hand this morning; however, with the help of two open grocery stores I scrambled and put together a small feast, complete with the fancy dishes and non-paper table linens. 

My girls weren’t as impressed as I’d hoped that they would be, but it’s possible that being under the weather played a role in their apathy… either that or they could just be teenagers. Speaking of the kidlets, yesterday A2 and A3  changed up their hair.  Both transformed their hair from shades of sedate blonde to wild Technicolor tresses in just a matter of hours.


Steven, Bonny, Roxanna and Thor will all enjoy bits of turkey with their evening meal. Thor pouted because nobody would sneak him any treats from the big table.

Speaking of Thor… he’s almost due for his big operation.  I wonder if we can get a half-off discount because he only has one nut.  Probably not. 

All in all, not a terrible Thanksgiving, but not one to write home about either.  I missed seeing my parents and Grandpa Porgy.  He wasn’t able to leave the nursing home because he had to have a catheter installed yesterday.  Health permitting, we might try making a day trip up to visit everyone in the next couple of days, but only if we’re certain not to spread germs to everyone.

My eldest wants to go Black Friday shopping tomorrow.  I’d rather chew on a rusty razor blade followed up with a lemon juice chaser than go near a mall during the next few weeks.  That being said, those knitting needles best start flying.  Hope everyone in the U.S.A. enjoyed their Thanksgiving and happy day to the rest of the world too. Cheers!

p.s. now that the mad scramble is over I want a long nap



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3 responses to “Question

  1. Roxie Matthews

    OMG Wonder Woman! Gold chargers and stunning china, candles and the full on meal – your kids may not be impressed, but I sure am! You totally rock the domestic goddess bit!

    Thor is an adorable little fluff ball. And speak of balls, unless you want the silicone cosmetic replacement neuticles, the charge is the same for singles or the set. Vets are unreasonable that way.

    Looks like you made lemon meringue pie out of the lemons you got handed today. Way to triumph over adversity!!

  2. knitwonpurltoo

    What a gorgeous table. On short notice? Seriously? Sheesh. You rock. Your family must be sick because you pulled a miracle from your hat! Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  3. very envious of the hair colours.

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