Where’s the Snow?

*I’m really disappointed that wordpress doesn’t have the Falling Snow feature as an option for blogs this December.  There have been other changes to their formats too, as well as new programs to upload pictures.  I’m not particularly tech-savvy, and therefore, not amused.  C’est livee.

I decided to break one of the Cardinal Rules of house showing in the real estate world.  Rather than removing all personal items from our home, such as pictures, etc., I added Christmas decorations to our house.  My girls will enjoy scaled back festivities this year, but they will not do without them altogether.



If we add any more animals to our menagarie we’ll have to get a longer stocking holder.


The girls all three worked together to decorate the tree and this year A3 topped it.  She chose a star, rather than an angel.  They did a beautiful job.  Too bad my picture taking skills can’t capture how sparkly and bright it is.DSCN6689

Thor danced around the entire time we were decorating.  He even convinced Steven to play a game of “Bop Tag” around the tree. Bop Tag is where Steven sits still and Thor runs up to him from different angles, while trying to get as close as he can to the kitty before Steven Bops him on the nose. Eventually Thor ran out of steam and collapsed for the evening.


We have two more showings today.  I’ve lost count of how many we’ve had, but we’re getting tired of looking for new, inexpensive ways to entertain ourselves away from home while strangers meander through our closets.

Christmas knitting is off to a slow start this year.  I finished a pair of fingerless mitts from some handspun yarn, but they don’t have a prospective home yet.  They’re sized for a medium-sized man’s hand.  I started a pair of extra-long fingerless gloves for A2 in a custom-dyed colorway from Wandering Cat Studio.  It’s called, “Cheshire Cat”, which is A2’s favorite character from Alice in Wonderland.


Cheers all!

*The snow is back! Hooray!



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6 responses to “Where’s the Snow?

  1. Karen O

    I think decorating for the holidays is absolutely fine! In fact, when I looked for houses, I would think, “Where would the Christmas tree go?” Honest! Of course, the houses we chose, two of three times, were empty when we looked at them. I gotta tell ya, there was a house I looked at online recently (just to see what’s out there, not that we’re considering moving) and they took pictures of this place and it was a total mess. Beds unmade, clothes on the floor…and this was for PHOTOS! Online! For the whole world to see! Your house is clean and charming, despite the state of the carpet (which is almost as bad as ours). Hope you get a great offer quickly!

  2. I wonder who would not expect a decorated house at this time of year? I think it’s essential. Why should your family suffer? Sometimes I think RE people are totally out there. Hope your house gets bought soon, then you’ll wish for roller skates and three extra sets of arms. Hugs,kiddle!!!

  3. Gillian

    The tree looks glorious. Such lovely ornaments. Does Steven leave them alone?
    Xmas is never a good time for house selling so you are doing well to have so many visits. People are always loathe to praise a place. They hope that criticising will bring a discount.
    My tree will come out of the attic today to go with the snow that fell last night.
    Cheers Gillian

  4. I think as long as your house is tidy, most people won’t have a problem envisioning themselves in it .
    I love all the stockings! Hope you’re enjoying the yarn!

  5. Roxie Matthews

    The Wandering Cat yarn is lovely! All three girls decorating the tree together is a gift with ribbons on it! Steven is amazingly patient. Proactive bop tag is when he hunts Thor down and smacks him every chance he gets. It’s kind of Steve not to be proactive.

    I’m in favor of moderate decorating, even for house showings. Good for you!

    By the way, I see falling snow on my screen. /did You get your wish?

  6. Xmas touches, as ever, are in the Best Possible Taste.
    I have knitted a pair of leg warmers, on request for, daughter. They look too wide and short ……….gonna have another go and now she wants a snood. She knows everything I knit turns out wrong. I have already bought her a camera for Xmas, so this extra nibbling is just to make sure she has my attention I think.

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