Holiday Breakdown

Relaxation:  My parents stopped in for a visit yesterday morning.  We enjoyed coffee,  cherry pie and exchanged gifts before they packed up again to go see my sister’s family. After seeing them they planned on stopping to see my brother and his family.  We ate homemade pizza for dinner, then the girls each got to open one present from us.  They also opened their gifts to one another.  This morning they opened the rest of their plunder and we ate a big breakfast.  Light snacking and pajamas rounded out our festivities.

Business: My wonderful husband bought me a new camera.  This one is made a little sturdier than the models I’ve used in the past, so maybe it will last longer than they did. I’m the world’s biggest klutz. 


My DH  got a Kindle (regular, base model, not Fire, etc.). 


A1 got a jewelry box.

IMG_0044_3294A2 got a katana.


A3 got a gigantic picture of her favorite anime’ character for her bedroom. 

In addition the girls received their annual ornaments, pajamas and a few other items.  Thor bought everyone in the family new underpants to replace the ones he destroyed.


Details: The critters all sat on their haunches, waiting for their turn to open something.  It’s so funny that they seem to know what’s going on and they really get their feelings hurt if they don’t get to partake.


I did not try putting these mittens on Bonny

Progress: Only one, wee little Christmas knit was completed.  On Christmas day itself, to little fanfare.  BUT (I like big buts) my mom and dad gave me some beautiful yarn and a Debbie Bliss pattern book, so I plan on casting on some late presents over the remainder of the break.


Favorites: One of my favorite memories from this Christmas was when A3 presented me with a Sebastian doll that she designed and made for me. Sebastian is a demon butler, who has to obey my every command. She worked very hard on it and she even talked my DH into a trip to the craft store to get supplies to make the doll. The only place he detests more than the craft store is the fabric store because he thinks that it’s stupid to have to wait in line twice if you’re buying fabric, etc. Anyway, this is going in my special treasure drawer in my nightstand to keep him safe. 


Shame: I never mailed a single card or package to anyone. No special letters were written or family portraits were made.  I didn’t decorate festive cookies, make candy or hang exterior lights.  My mind and heart wanted to, but time and my body protested.  My hope is that friends and family will understand that we are still thinking of them all, in spite of the short-comings.  Tomorrow is the first day of Kwanzaa, Boxing Day,and the after-Christmas sales begin.  These events will not be celebrated by us. We need catfood and my DH goes back to work, but otherwise, it shall be an ordinary day. Cheers!



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3 responses to “Holiday Breakdown

  1. Kyle Matthews

    Quiet holidays are the best! Looks like you all scored great with the gifting. And the ornaments for the girls– did you make those? What medium? You are soon talented!

  2. Looks like you and your family had a wonderful holiday! I especially love the WoW view behind Brian. 😉

  3. Sounds like a pretty great holiday!

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