Welcome 2013!

We’re all optimistic that 2013 will be full of great, spectacular events.  I never make resolutions because it seems silly to wait for a specific date to change something about yourself that you think needs changing, but it could just be laziness on my part too.  Either way, lunch will be a rather lonely affair for a while because of all the healthy people out taking walks instead of sitting slouched and glassy-eyed with me in the faculty lounge.  I promise to not spend the entire year like a slug though and today has been productive.  In addition to 5 loads of laundry,  I cast off a Pretty Thing cowl (mine has an extra-wide opening/cast-off edge, hence the bell-shaped top) knitted with a DK weight alpaca and I made a cravat out of a cotton blend. Both yarns were Christmas presents from my mom and dad.



The projects look a little flat now, but that’s because the yarn is still damp.  I’ve not decided on a button for the cravat yet.  I love digging through the button bin, but making a final decision is always so hard. 

I may not have finished many Christmas endeavors, but my cousin, Helena, sent me these lovely ornaments that she knitted and crocheted.   They are so delicate and intricate.  I may leave them out year-round to enjoy.


We were surprised with several inches of temporary snow for New Year’s Eve.  It’s mostly melted now.


Tomorrow is our last day of Christmas Vacation before we head back to school/work. My inner six-year-old hopes for a few snow days on Thursday and Friday so that we don’t have to endure all of the fuss of getting up, etc. for a two-day work week, but so far the weatherman isn’t cooperating.  I may put in a request with Jack Frost.  He’s a personal friend of mine now.

A2 in her almost-finished Jack Frost cosplay.

A2 in her almost-finished Jack Frost cosplay.



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3 responses to “Welcome 2013!

  1. Karen O

    Happy new year! You’ve already been more productive than me… We didn’t get any snow, but it was pretty chilly. I went for a walk, but since my pants don’t fit like they used to, it’s just good timing that the new year rolled around. My only resolution is to cook more with whole foods, especially for lunches. See you soon! Stay well so we don’t have to postpone!

  2. It’s 9F this morning. Sucks royally. Enjoy your last day of vacation, kiddle. Your knits are lovely.

  3. Roxie Matthews

    Your cowl is exquisite! And I’m looking forward to seeing how the cravat is worn.

    The heart ornament will be a natural for Valentine’s day. Don’t lose it in the move.

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