We’re Still Here!

The house hasn’t sold yet, in spite of the multitudes of showings and inquiries. 

In spite of frequent, regular evictions for the Lookee-Loos, I’ve managed some knitting.  I made some happy, spring socks for a birthday present.  I still need to embroider the cuffs.


A3 finally got her long-awaited birthday party.  She turned 12 the week before Christmas, but that is never a good time to have a party, so traditionally, we push festivities back until January.  This year she had a slumber party… at which, very little slumbering actually happened. 


A3’s friends were delightful.  They are genuinely nice and still partake of age-appropriate activities.  They played games, dressed up, danced, and pretended they were camels under blankets.


At one point they even sat playing with Legos and Bionacles.  A lot of 6th grade girls I see are already into boys, texting, make-up (non-dress-up kind) and drama.  Not so much with this crowd.


I’m waiting for some yarn to arrive from Knitpicks to kick off a few projects, but in the meantime I’m playing around with making a Harry Potter sweater.  It will have raglan sleeves and be loose-fitting.  The yarn is a wonderful wool-silk blend that Cindy gave me last year when I was making a sock-yarn afghan for my sister.


Along with the anticipated yarn from Knitpicks, I ordered some Merino/Tussah roving.  I’ve never used any spinning fiber from them before and I’m anxious to see how it is.  A few yards of old, scratchy roving has been spun throughout the month just to keep the wheel from getting dusty. 


A1 is now only taking classes at the community college.  She is still, technically, a Junior in high school, but our HS’s willingness to help her continue the Running Start program and to apply for an exchange student program was non-existent.  Her long-term goal to become an English teacher in Japan was met with criticism and one person there was quite rude about A1’s goals.  She continues to do fabulous in her Japanese class though and she has 100% on all of her work and tests for this quarter. 


This is great, because she was accepted by the high school in Japan and she’s scheduled to start classes there on April 1 of this year.  We are excited for her, but we’re a little apprehensive too.  She’s only 16 years old and if something goes wrong then she’ll be half-way around the world.  She would be placed with a family though and the school is a private school that is very strict.  It’s such an amazing opportunity though that we’d be crazy not to do everything possible to get her over there.  Currently we’re in paperwork limbo, waiting for updated forms to be sent from the school so we can apply for her visa.  This is another reason we need to sell the house.  Her tuition is free, but we need to pay for her room and board to the family and provide her with money for incidentals. 

Roxanna suggested that we bury a statue of St. Joseph in the front yard.  At this point I’m game for planting the entire holy family under the cherry tree to see what happens.  Cheers my friends!



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3 responses to “We’re Still Here!

  1. knitwonpurltoo

    I’m so glad you are using the yarn! Love the sweater. The socks are so pretty! And, get that statue of St. Joseph. Bury him upside down in the back yard. People in south St. Louis (very very Italian)do it all the time and swear by it!!! If you can’t find one, let me know. And, it’s so exciting for A1, but a bit nerve-wracking for Mom and Dad, huh? Hugs, kiddle!!!!

  2. How wonderful for your daughter, going to Japan. What an accomplishment for her! Prayers going out to you that all turns out well and you sell your home very soon.
    Nice to know that some girls are still acting their age; glad that A3’s party was a success! I’m sure that new yarn and roving will help calm your jangled nerves; always helps me!

  3. looking forward to reading an update!

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