Humble. Yet Functional


Time for a quick bath and then I’m going to finish knitting a cabled sock.  I like making socks.  They’re portable so I can keep one in my purse for unexpected knitting opportunities. They are humble, unlike the lace shawls or cravats, etc. or the other pompous patterns I gravitate towards.  Socks are also functional, and since most people have feet, they can be made for men, women, children… or just about anyone really.  This particularyarn is luxuriously sproingy handspun that I bought several years ago from Dave’s, Cabin Cove Mercantile.  My standard sock pattern consists of 60 stitches, 2×2 ribbing for 2 and 1/2 inches, stockingnet stitch and a Dutch heel over 30 stitches using size 0 needles (I knit loosely).  This time I chose to increase to 72 stitches to accomodate for the cabled stitches.   Today at work a co-worker complimented the simple cables gracing the sides of this sock.  I’ve not made anything for her yet, but I’m thinking she might be surprised with these socks when they are finished.  After all, she did take the time to notice the pattern.



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2 responses to “Humble. Yet Functional

  1. Very pretty! Love that color. And what a nice gesture to gift them to someone who actually noticed and commented about them. Ususally people don’t understand what or why you’re doing what you’re doing…..and they just walk away…….”don’t talk to the crazy lady”! LOL.

  2. Roxie Matthews

    Oooo, Dave’s handspun is sooo nice! Lucky girl to receive such socks.

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