And Now For Something Completely Different

A blog post in which a variety of unrelated topics shall be briefly touched upon before randomly changing to the next thought.  Consider it like a field trip inside my brain, but without the voices whispering for me to do bad things.

Thank you for all of the great feedback and suggestions!  I have some needle ideas.  One of my co-workers actually brought me a set of carbon-coated double points  and a square circular needle to try.  I loved both!  I cannot afford the brand of carbon needles that were loaned to me, but after researching online, I’ve got my eye on a less expensive set, with nickel-plated brass tips to try out.


Wet cats look quite pathetic, but Thor runs a close second on the misery scale when it’s time for his weekly bath. He’s currently shivering under my sweatshirt.  He’s slightly damp and feeling quite dejected.


I bought some inexpensive clamps from the hardware store to help hold my weaving in place while it’s on the loom.  So far they are working wonderfully.  They even passed kitty inspection.


Steven is still contemplating using this as a bed, but he usually prefers more fluffy linens.  I’m pretty sure that these fibers will bloom a little when this is finished and blocked, but not enough to suit his royal highness.


I’d like to knit a pair of argyle socks, but I do not want to knit them flat and then seam the leg, so I’m going to give this method a try.


The yarn is thin so I had to drop down to a size 00 needle. Hopefully, the color won’t be too dark to see in the evenings.  I have an Ott light, but it’s packed away in the garage already.  I’d hate to give up on something because I can’t see to try it properly. 

It sounds like the sequester is going to happen.  I don’t know how we will function on 20% less income.  It isn’t even like my DH can take on a part-time job because he’ll still have to perform the exact same duties he’s currently doing.  The military isn’t going to take a day off each week.  The planes still have to fly, networks need to operate and bad guys still want to threaten us with nuclear weapons.

A1 has been assigned a host family in Japan.  We’re still waiting for her Visa paperwork.  She’ll be living in a house with two younger sisters, a mother, a father and one happy dog.  She will bicycle to school and back, 1/2 hour each way, 6 days a week.

We’re still on hold with the house sale, waiting to see if our bank will accept the buyer’s offer. In the meantime, I’m going to be transferring some of my plants into pots so I can bring them with me when we move.

That is about all.  The bathroom just opened up so I’m going to evict the pitiful pup from his cocoon and go take my bath.  Cheers!


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3 responses to “And Now For Something Completely Different

  1. Karen O

    It’s a busy time in your brain! I wish I had a solution for the sequester. Actually, if the government asked me, I could probably straighten out the money issues in a day. Of course, it would be me going, “You lot…reduce your pay to the average American wage. There’s a few million saved right there. You lot…we don’t need you. Go away. There’a few more million.” Etc. Glad to see the knitting and weaving are coming along! Hugs!!

  2. knitwonpurltoo

    Can’t wait to hear about the carbon needles. Thor is so sad looking, but you might remind him that it’s because he is a wee pup that he is bathed every single week in the sink. Grover does not have to endure Thor’s humiliation, but he understands his pain. The loom and weaving look solid. So does Steven. So excited about Amber’s trip. The sequester sucks as does anything in Washington these days. It will affect us all detrimentally. And, the sock is beautiful!!!

  3. Poor Thor!

    I have four Blackthorn 2.5mm dpns, I would be happy to give you. I’ve lost one of them (though I’ll do a search to see if I can find it). I only use four when I do socks, but i know some people prefer five.
    Anyway, my Mom bought me a set, but I wasn’t overly fond of them, and I’d be happy to send them along to you if you’d like them.
    Let me know.

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