We Done Some Stuff

This weekend my DH had National Guard training.  During these man-free times my girls and I often lounge in pajamas and watch girly movies.    Saturday we did that for a while, but we decided that since A1 only has a few more weekends with us before she leaves for a year we needed to do something else. So, we donned outside clothes, brushed our hair and made ourselves presentable.  A1 convinced A3 to pull her purple locks back from their standard curtain to reveal her green eyes.  Everyone else in our family sports plain old shades of blue, so I love seeing her unique peepers for a change.  She still won’t let her teeth show in pictures though.


We discussed going to the zoo, but it closed  before my DH got home, so we settled for a southerly drive.


Our destination was one of our most favorite grocery stores in the area, Uwijamaya. Here is my family!


We don’t make it there often, but I love being greeted by this fierce fellow.  I perused the grocery aisles, while the girls and my DH wandered through the bookstore and gift section.


His posterior, the business end, according to A2, faces shoppers as they check out.  We stocked up on sticky rice, rice crackers and other staples while there.


The ridiculous institution of Daylight Savings Time left me too tired to even get up and say goodbye to my poor, exhausted hubby as he left in the wee, small hours of the morning.  Sunday was dedicated to the mundane tasks of beating the girls to keep them producing homework and catching up on the weekly laundry.  Thor loves burrowing into the warm clothes.  I think we need some new towels.


I cut the table runner (although it’s not very long, so it’s more like a table speed-walker) from the loom. After blocking and finishing it came out nicer than I thought it would.  I can honestly say that if my family relied upon me to clothe them with my fibery endeavors that we’d be mostly naked except for socks. I’m quite slow when it comes to weaving.  But should society collapse I’ll still be able to produce table linens.  This cookie jar is one of my most treasured items.  It was given to my Grandma Helen and Grandpa Porgy in June of 1941, on their 1st wedding anniversary, from my Great Uncle Charlie.  Uncle Charlie was one of Grandma Helen’s four brothers and he was a chef. 


Tomorrow morning I have a diagnostic mammogram to check out some suspicious activity in my left twin.  Hopefully the results will come back normal.  Delinquency will not be tolerated and is not acceptable.  Cheers my friends!



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4 responses to “We Done Some Stuff

  1. Thoughts of health and well being!

  2. Karen O

    We have dinner at the local Uwajimaya every time we go to a Sounders game–it’s two blocks from the stadium and has pretty good parking there. I love some of the fancy rice steamers, bento boxes, and teapots. I need to get a new wok, but I don’t really want to carry that to the game… Best of luck on your test results! Love to all, K.

  3. knitwonpurltoo

    Hate DST, but love the extra hour of light at the end of my day. Best of luck today with the mammogram. Always a bit unnerving. And, it sounds like you had a great weekend!!! Love the table speed walker.

  4. Roxie Matthews

    Your table-runner totally rocks! Excellent edges, and superb design. You’re a natural, kiddo!

    Have you been to the FuBon mall off 82nd near Division? It’s several different Asian shops and a big multi-national grocery store. Indian food, Vietnamese, Chinese, – it’s a sub-continental smorgasbord.

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