Shifting Gears

I shall try and approach this delicate subject in a civilized and refined manner. After all, I’ve always stressed to my girls that they should always be kind, and always, no matter what, behave like ladies.  Years from now nobody will remember how they dressed, what car they drove, etc., but they will always remember how you made them feel.  And now, I’m pleased to announce that…

I passed the boob squishy test this morning! 

Hey, I said that I’d try to be lady-like, not that I’d succeed.   All is as normal as can be expected for someone my age.  True, there is more of everything and it’s migrating in a southerly direction, but the extra hair, bumps, spots, etc. are nothing out of the ordinary.  Another doctor told me, in a solemn voice like those usually reserved for a funeral parlor, that I might be approaching “The Change”.  After this announcement he paused, as if giving me a moment for the horrific news to sink in.  I said, “Bring it on!”

A3 has another ear infection and a sinus infection.  That poor kidlet has been hit hard this year.  She re-planted these flowers for me today.


I LOVE daffodils!  Daffodils and pussy willows will always be synonymous with spring to me.  I wish we had a tree nearby so I could pick some to stick in a vase.  I doubt folks would take kindly to me trespassing in their yards to snag some blooms though.

Speaking of things I love… I simply adore Tardar Sauce, a.k.a. Grumpy Cat.  One of A1’s friends bought her a Grumpy Cat shirt.   


I do not think she’s going to share this though.  As feared, the time change has totally wiped me out.  I sure wish that the powers that be would just pick a time, any time, and stick to it.  The only good thing I can say about this is that now the clock on our microwave is correct again. No new knitting to show.  I’ve lots of projects started, but none of them are appealing right now.  I think it’s fatigue.  Getting old and shifting gears takes its toll!


Picture of my girls and I taken with the webcam this evening.


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7 responses to “Shifting Gears

  1. Anonymous

    sooo glad that everything went well with the Docs. Being a mother never changes. Shifting gears isn’t bad …low gear works best…Mom

  2. Karen O

    What a lovely group of girls! Yourself included, my dear! I love daffies, too. Hope to see you soon!

  3. knitwonpurltoo

    Yay. The booby test is over for now!!! Love your daffodils. Mine are a bit lame this spring due to our past drought. DST kicks my butt, too. And, I lovelovelove that pic of you and your girls!!!!

  4. Congratulation on the healthy boobs! I love the Grumpy Cat tee and the daffodils. The picture of you and the girls is so cute!

  5. PICAdrienne

    Yay on passing tests! That is wonderful news. 🙂 And I hate the change to daylight savings time. The Monday after resetting the clocks is probably my least favorite Monday of the year, and that’s saying something.

  6. Roxie Matthews

    It’s such a relief to be assured that he girls are healthy! No wonder you have such a beautiful smile in that picture.

    Hope A-3 heals fast. Poor baby. She should play for the RedSocks. She catches everything.

    Yay for spring!

  7. After the Change is great…………time change is more difficult

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