Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Wee leprechauns prepared a verdant breakfast for the girls this morning. 


The first one to wander into the kitchen exclaimed, “What the h3!! is that?”  But they all happily ate the pancakes while comparing each other’s tongues to see if they had turned green yet, in spite of the oddly colored breakfast. 

A restful three-day weekend was just the ticket to restore everyone’s spirits.  Never fear though, I’m sure this upcoming week will beat the jolly right out of us again.

Last week a co-worker brought in a pair of fingerless mitts and asked for some help.  I’d scribbled a pattern down for her to follow, but my directions weren’t very clear.  This is pretty much now they looked when I got them.


This is how they look this morning.


I hope to finish them this afternoon and give them to her tomorrow.

Having the proper tools and materials is important to building and making things, however, there is much to be said for innovation.  My girls are constantly building toys, costumes, etc. out of the most unlikely supplies.  Several weeks ago A2 was asked to go play on a paintball team with some friends.  She was worried about the paint pellets hurting when they hit, so she foraged through the garage, found some cardboard and set to work making body armor to wear under her shirt.


This is A3 modeling it.  A2 is smaller and it fits her a little better. The front and back panels were held down with a belt.  The paintball tournament was cancelled, but she has it for the next time. 

Going ghetto out of necessity must run in the family.  Trying to warp my rigid heddle loom without a warping board or assistant is tricky.  This temporary set up did the job, but the warp tension is still not exactly what I want it to be.


For this project I used a solid color sock-weight yarn.  The weft is a delightful colorway from Wandering Cat Studios.  The color gradually shifts from pale lilac to a  shade of hydrangea.  Steve likes it.



I hope to get a few inches woven up today, but I’m not sure if time will allow for that to happen.  Weaving uses a crap-ton of stash yarn.  I’m not sure yet if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. Hope everyone’s day is full of rainbows and that someone out there finds their pot of gold.  Cheers, me friends!




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3 responses to “Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

  1. Love your green breakfast. You are such a cool mom. I am not a weaver, so all of that goes right past me. I think there’s too much math;-p Your girls are resourceful like their parents and how clever of your workmate to not be able to figure out the instructions. Voila! Instant fingerless mitts. Happy St. Patty’s Day!!!!

  2. The green breakfast is awesome! Can’t wait to see what you do with the weaving!

  3. I prefer to think of it as ‘resourceful’ rather than ‘ghetto’ 😉
    Also, I love that pretty pink color!

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