We went to the spring choral concert to witness A3’s final elementary school performance.  To mark the occasion she wore a lovely dress, brushed her hair, put on make-up… and then donned her favorite pair of combat boots.  She was perfect.


On Saturday A2 and I went to a local park for a trek through the urban wilderness.  The sun was out, but the air felt brisk (translation: our hands and feet were frozen by the end of the walk).


I brought along the latest scarf that I wove, just in case I had a spare moment to work on the fringe, but the only time it came out of the bag was to pose among all of the nature.  I hope to finish twisting and tying it off soon.  It isn’t as long as I’d hoped for, but I ran out of yarn.  It is doubled over, seamed and has been turned right side out, so it’s warm, in spite of being short.


We saw mallards scoping out nesting spots.


I think these are a type of wood duck.  They were much more shy than the mallards.


The moon loomed brightly and looked close enough to touch.  Pictures never do it justice.


Our favorite part of the walk was encountering this small horned owl nesting near the trail.  He/she viewed A2 and I indifferently, but kept an eye on Thor as he sniffed around.  Thor was oblivious to the owl.


Not 20 feet from the brave owl was this rather small bald eagle.  The trail runs next to Salmon Creek, so she/he will have lots of food.


There weren’t any signs, etc. saying not to, but I still feel guilty for picking some pussy willows to bring home.  This variety isn’t as fluffy as the type that grow near my parents’ house.  They are a darker gray too.  Even so, I love these little guys.


Cheers my friends!



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3 responses to “Spring!

  1. Roxie Matthews

    What a splendid walk! Thanks for sharing it with us so beautifully. Looks like you got the best of a lovely evening. Is it just the light, or is A2 wearing pants with different colored legs?

    You birdwatching is wonderful! Love the owl.

    A3 is perfect!

  2. knitwonpurltoo

    So that’s where spring is hiding. Lucky you!!! Loved your walk and I just adore how your girls are so natural. Hugs, girl. Oh, and Thor is a wee pup and oblivious to most things because they are so very high up.

  3. Love the colour of A3’s hair and the scarf looks great
    Fantastic shot of the owl!

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