Hello my lovelies!  My girls and I just returned from a four-day vacation to Seattle, where we attended Sakura Con (Anime’ and Manga Convention).  A good time was had by all.  We stayed at a small hotel with a beautiful view of the Space Needle.  My DH was not able to go, but he thoroughly enjoyed his quiet, estrogen-free break at home.  Some of the girls’ favorite activities included meeting Vic Mignogna, the glomp circles , sight-seeing and running into friends. My hat’s off to Mr. Mignogna, he was a real class act.  He stayed for many hours past his scheduled autograph signing time to meet with fans, have pictures taken and sign an eclectic variety of memorabilia. The girls had many costume changes. I dressed up briefly, but my main character was “Con Mom”.  Lots of pictures and videos were taken, many of which were condensed down into a video.  Please sit back and enjoy the show!



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3 responses to “Vacation!

  1. Roxie Matthews

    Glomp circles? Wow! wish I had seen it! You could probably power a small aircraft carrier with the energy all those young people burned over the weekend. What a champeeen mom you are!!

  2. It sounds like you had a great time!!!! I’ll bet it was just what you all needed. I watched the video and am now totally confused;-p

  3. As someone who has spent the past 20 years going to comic conventions, I know how fun these places can be. Never run out of things to see, that’s for sure!

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