Good afternoon!  Just a few pictures to sum up activities from the past few days.


A chemo-cap mid-blocking.  I made it with handspun silk and modified a pattern that I found on Ravelry by adding a second lace edge.


A nifty little oak chair I picked up for $5.00 at an estate sale.  It needed a little glue in the joints to tighten it up, but otherwise it’s in great condition.


A very large, hand crocheted table-cloth I picked up at the same estate sale where I bought the chair. 


A detail picture of the table-cloth.  I can’t imagine someone spending so much time, not to mention money for materials, to make something this lovely, only to have it end up being sold for a few measly dollars at a sale.


A3 dressed as the Cheshire Cat and posing for tea-party pictures.  She is wearing the fingerless mitts that I knitted for A2’s Christmas present.


A2 as the Mad Hatter at the same mock tea party.  It was a rainy day and they were bored. 


A linen scarf I made using a drop stitch lace pattern.


Any guesses as to what is pictured above?  One week ago I would have been stumped for an answer.


The lime-green device is to help people locate Geocaches. Geocaching is kind of like a GPS-assisted treasure hunt.  The red-covered pill bottle holds the geocache record sheet. The containers holding the sheet can be as small as a watch battery, or bigger than a bread box.  Sometimes small items to be used as swaps are included.  My friend, Karen, does this as a hobby with her children.  I’d never heard of it before she took me on this adventure with her.  I don’t think I will take this up as a pastime.  Not having a GPS device or a smart phone would make it a bit more challenging than I’m willing to put up with.  And if truth be told, I expect fanfare and chocolate for my efforts.  I think we found 4 or 5 while she was down.  I can’t remember the exact number.  When we get together again I might tag along for more searches.

That is about all I’ve got.  All of the major life-changing events we have planned are on hold.  It’s quite frustrating, but everything is completely out of our control.  Cheers!


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3 responses to “Picturette

  1. You’ve been busy!
    The fingerless mitts look great!

    I haven’t forgot about sending you the blackthorn needles – I’m hoping the fifth one shows up as I pack for the move. I’ll let you know as soon as I send them

  2. knitwonpurltoo

    My neighbor can attest to a lovely case of poison ivy from geocaching, too;-P Love the mitts. Wow, what creative girls you have!!!!

  3. Karen O

    Luckily, we don’t have much in the way of poison ivy (although I lived in Minnesota & Wisconsin and never broke out from it when my friend did *constantly* on our adventures–I may be one of those lucky ones who are immune), however, we do have a plethora of blackberry brambles that cause injuries. It was great fun having a geo-buddy. Thanks for omitting that little detail of me falling flat on my face. My neck still hurts a bit… Hugs!!

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