Knitting With Critters

The other evening I took a bath, put on my ugly, comfy sweats and settled in with a cuppa for some productive knitting time.  The four legged males in our house had other plans though.  Both Steven and Thor decided they needed attention.  They weren’t content with merely keeping me company.  Every time I’d pick up me needles I’d get a head-butt until satisfactory scritches and rubs were administered.  Not much knitting progress was made.


The project in progress is a Picovoli sweater. Of course, the pattern will be modified, because following directions is just too darned hard.


In order to keep the bottom edge from rolling I am adding a lace border.  In addition, if more yarn can be found (I got this at our local Fred Meyers Store) then I’ll add sleeves to it as well to hide my chicken arms.  Wearing it like a vest over another shirt with sleeves isn’t an option because it is quite form-fitting (tight).  Losing 5 or 20 pounds would remedy both problems, but that would require committment.  I have issues.

Anyway, most of this has been knitted on breaks at work because the two-legged and four-legged critters at home don’t give me much of a chance.  It’s wonderful work therapy.  I just sit in the staff-room corner, knitting and mumbling to myself in strange tongues.  For the most part my co-workers just ignore me.  They find their own ways of coping. Cheers!


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  1. Love the picture! I have similar issues with Ms. Stinky. Grover just leans on me. The sweater is lovely and a gorgeous color for you!!!!

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