Knitting Notes

I always feel like I’m being watched, measured… judged.  Seriously, even while taking a shower I can’t shake that feeling.  Justification for my paranoia can be substantiated though.  I caught Mr. Soapy staring at me with nary a blink last week while I was bathing. His steady gaze startled the bejesus out of me.  


“Mr. Soapy”, left in the bathtub, courtesy of A3

Don’t worry, I’ve no delusions of importance.  Big Brother isn’t watching my insignificant self.  Heck, my own family barely knows or cares what I do on a day-to-day basis, which is why I turn to blogging.  If one lonely soul checks my blog to see what I’m up to now and again, even if they click here by mistake, I feel special. 

Since you’re already here, let me catch you up on my latest knitting projects. The Picovoli sweater has been  altered, then frogged,


altered, then frogged


altered, then frogged,


repeat, until finally, I settled on a version with applied I-cord edging and 3/4 length sleeves and a folded and hemmed neckline.  Part of the reason for choosing this as a final product was the fear of ruining the yarn.  The other part is that I’m just plain sick of the bloody thing and I wanted to move on. 


Eventually I’ll weave in the ends and block it.  At that point I’ll take a finished picture.

The project I’ve moved on to is the BFF Cowl.   My partner in crime is Penny.  The pattern isn’t difficult to execute, but the way that it’s presented on the Knitty site had me bouncing back and forth between two sections, reading descriptions and trying to mesh those directions with the incomplete chart.  I prefer chart knitting but in the chart does not show the edging and the (K3 into 3) and (K3 into 2) look the same to my middle-aged eyes.  After matching up the correct part of the written description to the charts then I was able to figure it out.  Here is half of the first repeat, knitted in the colorway, “Steel Cut Oats.”


Elsewhere in my knitting corner, I scored a bag of sock yarn at the local Goodwill store.  Most of the skeins still had price tags on them.  Had I paid retail for these the total would have been over $90, but I paid $14.  Little things like this make me extremely happy!


Finally, in non-knitting news, only two days until A1 leaves for Japan.  The whole family is very excited for her, but we’re also apprehensive and sad at the thought of her year-long absence.  I’ve had a few comments from incredulous people, such as, “I could never let my child go that far away!” and “Aren’t you going to miss her?”  Well duh!  Of course I’m going to miss her.  And I’m worried to beat all.  However, her long-term goal is to live in Japan and teach English.  We aren’t in a position financially to send her off to a four-year university to study Japanese at home, so when this opportunity arose we decided to let her go.  The private school she’ll be attending there also has a University attached and if she studies hard and meets people there, then perhaps a door will open for post high school education.   I realize that some people would choose against this course of action, we almost did.  It’s a huge step and a major severing of Apron strings.  If you are among the multitude of people who disagree with our parenting, then I respect your opinions, but please don’t air them to me until she is settled in safely with her host family.  In a fit of unbridled nerves, I may just poke you with one of my knitting needles.

ps, The soap really freaked me out so Mr. Soapy was dismembered so I could shower peacefully.



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8 responses to “Knitting Notes

  1. Karen O

    I know you’re worried about your sweet A1 and will miss her terribly, but I’m confident that she’s going to a safe place. It will be an amazing experience for her! Just as long as she takes lots of pictures and writes home every day.
    Poor Mr. Soapy. Couldn’t he have just turned around? Averted his…uh…eyes?

    • Being a parent is so hard! My parents were stuck making similar hard/important decisions with their kids and it involved many nights of discussion, tears and wondering if they had done the right thing. Be confident in your kids, and be a support that’s really the best you can do! And if people want to air their problems with your decisions (and they aren’t one of the involved parties) I’ll join you in the poking with the pointy sticks!

  2. Marion

    Be proud of yourself that you have raised a daughter who is fearless! How very exciting for her. Of course you will miss her, are people just stupid to ask that? I hope to read more about her travels in your blog. I read it and even have it coming to my email now – rarely comment. I miss working with B. He made my last few years on the job “interesting”. And what a great score on the yarn!

  3. Anonymous

    You never stop worrying about your children till they shovel dirt on you…..d it’s the price you pay for having the gift. Amber has everyone’s best thoughts and wishes with her. It will be an adventure she will remember the rest of her life….Love to all….Grandma and Grandpa

  4. Anonymous

    OMG – the soap cracks me up – I’m going to do that to Dave. Personally, I like leaving my make-up mirror on the back of the toilet, perfectly adjusted to the level of his….equipment…

    That is a seriously awesome goodwill score – all I ever find is crappy acrylic.

    I think what you are doing for your daughter is awesome. Hard yes – but it will be worth it in the long run

    PS… I found the fifth blackthorn needle in the move – and once I figure out what box I put them in – they’ll be on their way to you! Sorry for the delay!

  5. knitwonpurltoo

    A3 makes your life never endinginly interesting. What fun. And, I love your sweater and the cowl. As far as A1? I cannot believe how brave and wonderful you and Brian are. Parenting is not about holding them close, but about giving them the tools to make their own way. You are fabulous parents. She will be homesick and you will be sick without her, but you have helped your baby make her dream come true. Major hugs and pitty pats to you!!!

  6. PICAdrienne

    I will admit, I was sad to see A1 was going to Japan this year, but not for the reason most would think. You see, that meant she was not going out for track this year, and your daughter’s school and my daughter’s school compete at one track meet a year together, and I was hoping to meet you. This is my daughter’s last year of HS, so THAT opportunity is going good bye. Mine is going on to community college in Bellevue, and I think that is probably more dangerous than Japan, although A1 will be so much further away from you. Some day I still hope we can meet.

  7. Daughter will be fine, and so will you. Mine is coming over here from Nevada in 10 days, when she left home, and especially when she went to the States, it was a wrench, but she took full advantage as young persons do, and matured into the interesting woman she is today. She probably needed that space without looming mother shadow.
    I also feel same way that i am being watched, sometimes by the spiders above the shower, not the soap, but also when I close curtains at night, I nearly always think what if someone if going to shoot me, outlined against the light. [ NB I live in a small rural village, with only pheasants getting shot regularly,] Still, at least iy means we are ready for anything………especially to duck.

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