All is Well

A1 arrived safely in Japan, transferred airplanes in Tokyo by herself and was met up with a Canadian gentleman from her new school at the airport in Nagoya.  From there they took a train to the town (considered small there because it only has 800,000 people) where she’ll be living.  Her suitcase took an alternate route, and is still sight-seeing.  Her new host mom took her shopping to pick up some clothes to get her through until hers arrive.  She starts school on there on Tuesday.  She took a picture of her bedroom using the skype camera on her computer.  It looks really nice and unnaturally clean for A1! 


We are meeting with a lawyer on Tuesday to try to settle this house issue.  Hopefully we can prompt the bank to accept the offer that was made back in February.  Only 27 more work/school days left.  I’m crossing my fingers, legs, eyes, you name it, that I can make it through this last little stint.  A2, A3 and I are going to look at a prospective rental house today.  We plan on taking Thor with us and having a picnic, but someone needs to give the pooch a bath first.  He gets ripe shockingly fast for such a small critter.  Cheers!



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