Finally I have real, live photographic proof that I actually finished one of my knitted projects!


This is a tunic with 3/4 sleeves that started out originally as the Picovoli knitted t-shirt but was modified beyond all recognition and can hardly be referred to as Picovoli any more.


The sleeves fit loosely, but they aren’t floppy enough to be distracting or annoying while I’m working, etc. 

Procuring a photographer was quite a challenge because neither of my girls wanted to do it and my DH was away for National Guard training.  Eventually A3 agreed, but only after I begged, pleaded and nagged her into submission.  Here she is with Steven, showing just how “agreeable” she was.


I also have photographic evidence showing that the sun does come out in western Washington.  My children’s claims that I never take them anywhere or do anything with them are unfounded, as proven by these pictures.  I took A2 and A3 to a park along the Columbia River today where we had a picnic and the girls played in the water.


There were lots of boats.  Some were small, unique examples of marine transportation.


Others were monstrosities that commanded the attention of everyone on shore.



Thor came too.  We’re trying to distract the pooch as he is missing A1.  Still no word on where her suitcase is, but today she is going to an amusement park with her host family.





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2 responses to “Proof!

  1. Anonymous

    Grandpa and I are so proud of Amber….she looks like she is adjusted to her new suroundings….L
    We love you all…..Grandma and Grandpa

  2. Love your new sweater, grrl. It looks great on you! Is there really a dog on that leash? He’s so tiny! Thanks to A3 for the great pics, and Stephen, too. I am so glad A1 made it safely and is now adjusting to her new home. Stupid suitcase. Hugs, kiddle!!!!!

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