Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!  I love the idea of a day to honor mothers.  Mine is pretty darned awesome and she set a high standard to live up to.  She sewed everything from homemade diapers to my bridesmaid dresses and just about anything imaginable in between those times.  My sister and I always had the prettiest Dance Festival dresses in the entire school.  She is an amazing cook who baked homemade bread for us through most of our childhood.  At the time I was so jealous of kids who got Wonder Bread in their lunches and had store-bought cookies, which leads me to conclude that children can be ungrateful by nature.  I never even tasted commercially canned tuna fish until I was 21 years old.  

It’s my firm belief that anyone who undertakes the role of “mother” should be honored on this day, regardless of sex, age or biological affiliation with children.  I am fortunate enough to have wonderful friends who voluntarily stepped forward to bravely take on the daunting task of raising a relative’s teenage child.  I know single fathers who claim that they have no choice in the matter, due to circumstances, except to take on the role of mother, but I whole heartedly disagree with them.   They do not have to take their daughters dress shopping, or be subjected to the “unmanly” experience of having their toenails painted. They do these things so that their children won’t miss out on experiences.  Step mothers are usually portrayed as villainous hags who take great delight in torturing their spouse’s offspring, but seldom is that the reality.  I hope that each and every person out there today thanks to everyone who helped nurture them.

I’m missing A1, but she is growing in ways that she never could back home.  We were able to video chat (my husband told me it isn’t actually Skype) with her several nights ago.  The 16 hour time difference limits our conversations.

Bonny is now almost 8 years old and we’re concerned about her weight.  She doesn’t seem to eat more than the other kitties, but she’s grown quite large over the years.  She often lays like this, but it is NOT an invitation to touch her stomach unless you wish to draw back a bloody stump.  I think she gets hot and lays this way to cool off.  She doesn’t seem interested much in playing with toys or chasing string.  Any suggestions regarding our portly feline are welcome.


As the end of my career as a para-educator winds down I realize that there are a lot of things I wish to accomplish before school is out.   In addition to organizing my students’ records and curriculum I’d like to knock out a few knitted presents for people at the school as well.  This first item is for a delightful co-worker.


The hat was made following a two-year old request from a persistent student.  He wanted a plain blue hat with earflaps.  Hopefully this will fulfill his wishes.


Two pairs of socks, one more hat and a pair of fingerless mittens round out the list.  Hope you’re all enjoying a stellar weekend.  Cheers!



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5 responses to “Happy Mother’s Day

  1. knitwonpurltoo

    As long as Bonnie is not in pain, just let her be. The trauma of going to the vet (not including the costs) is probably more trouble than it’s worth. And, happy Mother’s Day, dear one.

  2. Does Bonny seem to drink and pee more than usual? If so, it could be diabetes. Both Tux and Mopar were like that – fat and lazy, but ate no more than the other cats. It’s not as common in female cats, but years ago we had a female cat with it – same thing.

  3. Roxie Matthews

    Happy Day to YOU, Momster! Is commercially canned tuna different from home-canned?

    Maybe Bonnie is just “Big-boned.” You could try putting the food somewhere that she has to jump up to get to it. At least she’ll get SOME exercise. Sic Thor on her to make her run.

  4. Karen O

    Happy mother’s day to you, Heide!

  5. our long haired cat Daisy lies on her back like this often, and so do long haired cats of friends, hot I guess, she is a big cat too, she is quite steady lying there with her paws in the air. She doesn’t get much exercise so I do try and feed her less than she wants!

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