Lately I feel like my head is stuffed with fluff and I can’t remember anything.  That isn’t always a bad thing though.  As long as I don’t forget to turn off the stove and burn down the house or forget to pay bills all will be fine.  Winnie the Pooh’s head was stuffed with fluff and he was quite wise for being a bear of very little brain.  Some of my favorite quotes are from Pooh, including this one that I remind my girls of often, 

Promise me you’ll always remember,

you are braver than you believe, 

stronger than you seem

and smarter than you think.”

My family, co-workers and even the children I work with at school are all aware of my brain deficiencies.  To their immense credit though, rather than take advantage of my forgetful nature or making fun of me, they patiently remind me why I walked into a room and what I was speaking about 30 seconds earlier.  At least I don’t think they make fun of me.  Maybe they do and I just can’t remember.

Speaking of fluff… two days ago one of my illustrious co-workers gifted me with 2 bags of alpaca wool, from his freshly-shorn pair of critters. There is no leg or neck hair, just the body fleeces in the sacks. It is lovely stuff!


It is a little bit dusty, but there is very little vegetable matter and there are no poop clumps, urine matts or other disgusting inclusions.  I learned from past mistakes to not try washing too much at once, so only a few small handfuls were washed at a time.  I used a mild shampoo, tepid water and gentle squeezing so it wouldn’t felt.


After its bath I laid it out on towels in the sun to air dry.


Today I took the doggy brush and combed out a small pile.


It is heavenly soft and the color is beautiful!  This will be a dream to spin. I can’t wait until summer when I can delve into this project with wild abandon.


Oh yes, I almost forgot.  I finished a pair of fingerless mitts for a student too.




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4 responses to “Fluff

  1. Anonymous

    Dear Heidi,
    Thank you for your lovely comments about Tinkie. Bonnie looks like she could give me a good cuddle and Steven wouldn’t be far behind. What lovely big babies.
    As you say…Bonnie doesn’t seem to eat more than the others but just gets bigger!!! Sounds just like me.
    Glad you are all well, cheers,

  2. p.s. forgot to say how lovely all your alpaca fleece looks. Will you dye it before you use it?
    Cheers again Gillian

  3. Beautiful fleece and those mitts rock, kiddle!

  4. Karen O

    So loverly! I hope I can get a chance to drive down and visit you and your fluffy bits.

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