The Home Stretch!

Only 12 1/2 more school/work days left until summer and the end of my career as a para-educator.  The reasoning portion of my brain, which, quite frankly, tends to slack off more often than not, insists that these remaining hours will be over sooner than I realize.  The rest of my gray matter protests adamantly that reality has been warped, and somehow stretched.  The majority of my head likens the end of the school year to those nightmare hallways… you know, the ones where the doorway at the end gets further and further away, no matter how fast you run. 

Not only will the end of this school year mark a change for my life, but my girls and husband are all undergoing major transitions as well. A1 is very busy with her studies in Japan.  All of her classes are in Japanese, except for English., so it’s kind of a “Sink or Swim” situation.  A2 will be entering high school in an entirely different district, and likewise, A3 is leaving the security of elementary school behind and joining the ranks of middle school , also in a new district.  My DH is in the midst of a promotion for the military side of his job, which means that he is taking classes and will be expected to travel more.  And finally, we’re hoping to be in the home stretch of our never-ending house sale.  This means that we will be moving in the next month or two.

I finished knitting the two pieces of the BFF cowl, but both are incredibly wonky and need a severe blocking before the meet-up and exchange with Penny.


Over Memorial Day weekend we chose to stay home and enjoy some down-time.  Technically, I didn’t “choose” the down-time, but rather my arms and legs decided to go on strike.  The best way to describe what I mean is this… imagine the tingling, buzzing numbness you feel after smacking the crap out of your “Funny Bone” on the corner of table.  That’s how my whole body feels, but it doesn’t go away.  It isn’t intense pain, but it’s constant and wearing. By the end of the work week I just need a day or two to recuperate.  Anyway, I didn’t accomplish much.  I cast on a sweater, but after about 6 inches I frogged the whole thing.


The yarn was nice to work with though, so after ripping it back to its stringy origins I cast on a baby blanket.  It’s still in the embryonic stages of development.  The pattern is simple enough that the blanket can be packed around and worked on without requiring my undivided attention.  Hopefully I can get this knocked out and ready for delivery in the next week.


The awaiting babe was freshly hatched this weekend and I’m seriously behind schedule.  Cheers, my friends!



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2 responses to “The Home Stretch!

  1. knitwonpurltoo

    Gad, you’re busy. I’m sorry about the nerve issues. You’re a hero, Heide. Love your knitting productivity. Hugs, grrl!

  2. Karen O

    Hang in there! 8 1/2 more days for us! Well, the 8th day is a half-day and the last is 2 hours of cleaning classrooms and a sort of good-bye pep rally. Personally, I don’t see why they even bother.

    I hope we can get down to see you this summer–maybe before you move, or just after you get settled in your new digs. Other than some swimming lessons and *driving lessons* (for the big kid), and a trip back East for my 25th high school reunion, we don’t have any big plans. A little camping here and there…. Love you all, send hugs to A1 when you talk to her next. Congrats to B on his promotion! Fantastic!!!

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