How I Plan to Spend My Summer Vacation

Technically speaking, it isn’t officially summer until Friday, but since school is out, we’re considering summer to be underway.  Some “progress” has been made on the house selling front, but until we’re actually packing I’m not going to get my hopes up.  Tentative plans are to be moved by the mid part of summer vacation so we can settle in to a new home and register the girls for school.  My DH and I have decided against having a garage sale.  It’s a lot of work and neither of us has the energy.  Unnecessary items will be sorted into a “Donate” pile and a “Trash” pile, then delivered accordingly to their respective destinations.  Several exceptions will be the riding lawn mower and some other larger items that we’ll put on Craigslist.

In addition to moving, there is a long “to-do” list.  The list contains mundane tasks such as, having emissions testing done on the van, renewing my driver’s license, and having a neurological review to discuss medications, possible exercise regimes, etc.

This weekend we went to the Vancouver Farmer’s Market to pick up some berries for jam and jelly.  We brought Thor with us and he wanted to stop for a “Sniff and Greet” with every critter we encountered.  Here are a few of the friends he met.




The park and market were packed due to the nice weather and a running event (5K Freedom Run) that ended at the park.  We had lunch from the food carts while there. 


The food always looks and smells so good that it’s hard to choose, but we ended up settling on gyros.


Lots of pretty flowers and some beautiful pottery tempted us from several booths, but no yarn or roving to be seen. Yet.  The summer is early and I’m sure fiber will find its way there at some point in time.


We ended up buying 1/2 flat of strawberries, 1/2 flat of raspberries and apples.


I knitted a few more rows on a blanket, but it’s far from being finished. Steven inspected my tension and deemed it “passable.”


Slow progress on A3’s cosplay armor ate up much of the weekend.  Once the paper templates are printed, cut out and taped together in a 3-D facsimile, then I need to cut the pattern into manageable pieces, lay them out on foam, cut, glue, rivet, etc. 



The foam used in the helmet is lightweight and there are about 4 or 5 layers in most places for durability.  It’s easy to work with, but it’s fragile. The foam being used for the body pieces is similar to what people use on garage or shop floors to make the concrete more user-friendly, so it’s heavier and more difficult to work with.  It’s a bit tricky because slits need to all be punched through with a razor blade (a hole punch or rivet gun leaves too much of a gap) before the brads can be inserted and a heat gun is necessary to “mold” the foam before trying to glue it in position.



We’ve been able to video chat with A1 regularly.  Everyone misses her and it’s nice to see the girls talking together instead of bickering.





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4 responses to “How I Plan to Spend My Summer Vacation

  1. Karen O

    I agree with the garage sale decision. I gave up on working 100 hours to make $100 on the junk I don’t want (and apparently no one else does, either). Donations are just so much easier. I have five boxes/bags of stuff by the front door that will be making an exit tomorrow.

  2. knitwonpurltoo

    Here’s hoping things work out, sooner than later. And, garage sales are for people with energy and time. We have neither. The jam sounds perfectly lovely and I cannot imagine wee Thor with that English Sheepdog. So cute!

  3. Roxie Matthews

    I’m thinking about Thor trying to sniff butts with the sheepdog – Then I remember our neighbor’s Daschund seducing a female Great Dane – he persuaded her to lie down. Those must have been bizarre pups. But it just goes to show, some guys are wicked charming!

    • Thor did meet a lovely, sleek, black Great Dane while we were there. He followed him for a few feet while trying to jump up for a butt check, but I ruined his fun by pulling him forward to the berries.

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