Summer Time!

Summer is here!  Temperatures are supposed to reach into the upper 90’s or 100 by Monday.  This may be normal for some parts of the country, but we aren’t used to the heat here, so it’s newsworthy.

Along with warm weather comes summer food.  We have a grocery store here called, “Chuck’s Produce” and it is da bomb! Not only are their fruits and vegetables often locally grown, but they have wide selections of organic and gluten free foods as well.  The latter of which is important because my DH cannot tolerate gluten.  Dinners the past few nights have been mostly vegetables…


with occasional bits of butter or cheese added for flavor. 


My raspberry beds in the backyard have exploded with berries this past week.  The day before yesterday I picked enough for two more batches of jam and they’re ready to be picked again. 

Along with the heat comes the need for summer clothes.  The girls and I discovered that most of what we own is black and heavy… completely unsuitable for a day in the sun.  We checked out the local Goodwill Store, Ross, Fred Meyers and a few other stores (not at a mall) for sundresses, but everything was either drab or ridiculously revealing.  With that in mind, I did something unthinkable… I bought fabric and made A3 a sundress!


Of course it is purple, to match her hair.  It was pre-smocked, so the dress was a breeze to throw together.  I opted for two side seams, rather than one up the back.  This way I could leave slits up the sides so she can walk. My youngest isn’t known for being lady-like and because she still will only wear steel-toed combat boots, she tends to take long strides.

Roxanna “helped” me make the dress.  She is such a sweet kitty!


There is a possibility that we will have to be out of our current home by July 21st. That means I’ve spent the past two days listing bigger items on Craigslist to get rid of and I made one large trip to the Goodwill. We, (the royal ‘we’, meaning ‘I’) will have to repack all of the boxes the girls stowed away months ago in the garage.  Not only was the initial packing somewhat disorganized and questionable, but they’ve since rummaged through all of the boxes and it looks like a tornado has passed through.

We’ve not had a lot of time to work on costumes and props for the girls’ upcoming conventions. A2 has done a little work here and there on various projects.


Today I’ve worked hard to finish my “List” as quickly as possible so that the girls, Thor and I can pack a snack and go to a park to enjoy this glorious sun.  Cheers!



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4 responses to “Summer Time!

  1. Anonymous

    That pre-smocked fabric is terrific, isn’t it? I just wish it was as flattering on me as it is on A3!

  2. Love the sundress! I’m attempting to make one for myself this weekend… it’s going to be… interesting.

  3. What a great sundress. Love Roxie. Such a good helper-kitty. And, although it’s good to be out of the house, the prep sucks. Hugs from afar.

  4. Roxie Matthews

    The sundress is totally fetching, and A-3 rocks it.

    You have to be out. Do you have a place to go in? I missed the part where the house sold. Yayyy!!!

    Have a ball at the park and enjoy the fresh new summer while you can. Hugs and love, sweetie!

    As for the costumes, this may be a con where everyone gets a B minus rather than A plus, and that’s ok, You all have wayyy too much else going on.

    Oh, and Roxanna understands the value of an intelligent fabric weight and pre-warmed creases.

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