Lots of Busy

We are currently searching for temporary housing because the home we will eventually move to has a potential wait time of 4 months, with a minimum of 30 days before we can move in.  In the meantime, I’ve been sorting, purging and organizing so that items going into storage won’t be tossed in haphazardly.  Lots of forgotten boxes and dark closets are revealing just how bad my craft ADHD really is.  Quilt In Progress projects were found in the garage, my knitting wardrobe and in my bedroom closet.  A few were tossed because they were ridiculously ugly, not started yet and/or too ambitious.  Among those saved and packed were a twin-bed-sized Double Irish Chain.  I decided years ago to stitch tiny flowers into each of the yellow squares.  It will take some time.


My late Grandma Helen had started this Cathedral Windows quilt in the 1970’s.  Original ambitions had me finishing and expanding this to fit our queen-sized bed.  A reality check quashed that idea and I’m now hoping to finish what she started and make a lap quilt.


Grandma had the foresight to cut out stacks and stacks of assorted 2 inch squares so I will be able to finish it with all of her original fabrics.  I recognize the center window fabric here.  The black with the little flowers was what my mom made my, and my sister’s, Dance Festival dresses out of when I was in the 5th grade.


I found 13 Double Irish Chain squares that match a larger quilt that Karen finished for me several years ago.  I saved these in case I decide to make a baby quilt or something with them.


A few small applique projects made it into the “Save” bin as well.

Several days of eating strange meals emptied out enough of our big freezer that I was able to consolidate everything into the house freezer and defrost it for moving.


I baked banana bread and used up both the frozen bananas, as well as the remaining flour in the pantry.  The loaves are destined for homes elsewhere because my DH cannot have gluten and I am on a very strict new diet for health reasons so I can’t eat any either. 


Many loads of “stuff” have been hauled to the Goodwill and given away via Craigslist.  I told A3 that we would keep her toys, but that they must be sorted first and packed neatly.  I’ve spent many an hour in the last few days going through toy boxes, window seats, etc. and pulling small bits and pieces so that Legos, Lincoln Logs and other toys won’t be a jumbled up mess.


Yesterday, amid all of the hullaballoo a package arrived from Canada.  It was from Valerie at Wondering Cat Yarns an inside were the most amazing things ever!  She gave me a set of graphite double point needles AND a beautiful skein of her hand dyed sock yarn in a colorway called, “Steampunk”!  I tried to take a picture, but Roxie decided that more cat was needed in the shot… for artistic reasons, of course. That means the golds and silvers in the yarn can’t be seen and admired.  Thank you Valerie!


Before falling asleep each night I added a few more rows to the baby blanket and I finally managed to finish it last night.  It really doesn’t have a sideways jog in person, but for some reason the camera makes it look all wonky in several places.


It’s just a simple feather and fan pattern and it is machine washable.


The temperatures have been on the toasty side, so most of my activities are limited to inside tasks.  M.S. and heat are a bad combination and if I get too hot the left side of my body stops working.  It just kind of goes on strike and when I politely ask it to move all I get in response is a surly, “Screw you!”

This morning, before the sun fully rose, I harvested lavender for my sister.  She makes all sorts of lovely things with it. From the looks of the bunch on top, I was a little late doing this.  More should be ready in a few days.


Today is my dad’s 72nd birthday.  Happy birthday Dad!  I am going to call him later after my phone is charged.  The darned thing needs a new battery because it won’t hold much of a charge at all. 

That’s all the time I have.  Now it’s back to the sorting and packing game.  Cheers!



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6 responses to “Lots of Busy

  1. Roxie Matthews

    You continually astound me by all that you accomplish. Swear to God, woman, I get tired just hearing about your life.

    But doesn’t that empty freezer make you feel good? And oh, look at those sweet quilt squares.

    Roxie does know how to work the camera – you gotta give her that. She really caught the light there.

    The baby blanket is beautiful. Sometimes, simple makes the strongest statement.

  2. Marion

    Stupid question, but how do you freeze bananas? The baby blanket is gorgeous. I love “feather and fan”.

    • Marion, we eat a lot of bananas here, but the family won’t eat them once they get brown spots. I just toss them, in their peels, in the freezer. The skins turn black/brown. To get them out just run them under warm water and the fruit just slides out. It is mushy, but that’s okay for baking.

  3. Glad the package arrived safely – and I’m so sorry I took so long to get it to you! I promised those needles to you ages ago!

    Love the quilts and the baby blanket. I’m currently designing a feather and fan cardigan – it’s my most favourite pattern ever – so simple but so pretty.

  4. knitwonpurltoo

    You find time to knit? I don’t even think you sleep, The blanket is beautiful. The quilt tops are so lovely. And, I have heard that heat and MS are not compatible at all. Take care, Dear One.

  5. Gillian

    Well I never! as they say in England. You are really amazing. Moving house is a trauma as you well know but emptying a freezer and making good stuff out of everything in it is a tremendous achievement.
    Yes keep out of the heat, it’s not good for you and are you on that “stone-age diet?” My sister has been so good on it her MS specialist has given her a full scan to see if there are any benefits. She will get the results soon.
    I hope all those projects stay safe in the move. None of them has to be finished tomorrow!
    Cheers Gillian

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