Since determining that A3 would no longer fit in the original shoulder pads purchased to create her Cosplay armor I’ve tried several different solutions, but none of them worked.  First, I tried cutting some of the straps on the shoulder pads to see if they would loosen up.  Next, I tried  taking the foam armor off of the pads to see if creating an exterior without a substructure would work.  That was a big, fat, “No!” Finally, I scoured the garage and dug up some baling wire and created a frame.


This seemed to work fine and the foam exoskeleton was easy to attach to the frame.  Because this endeavor is a homemade, ragtag effort made of odds and ends the result looked like a patchwork quilt.


The colors are not an issue, as the entire piece will be painted silver, however, the myriad of textures and seams did present a problem.  Another foray into the garage yielded another scrappy answer in the form of painter’s tape.  I had a huge box of painting supplies picked up at a garage sale last month so I had enough to get a good start.  Even so, I needed to get some more of the tape.  That stuff is expensive!


Tape seams and lines will be smoothed over and minimized with a few coatings of Elmer’s Glue.  Right now production is at a standstill due to other chores, but so far it’s on schedule for being finished in time for A3 to wear it in September. 

Elsewhere, I’ve decided that my little “ladies” are far from delicate flowers when it comes to food consumption.  The other night at dinner they feasted without showing signs of stopping until they were flat out told to, “Stop!” 


I hope they get good jobs someday.  Cheers!



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2 responses to “Reconstruction

  1. Roxie Matthews

    Does paint adhere to painter’s tape? How’s that blistered hand and thigh coming along? You are SUCH a wonderful mom!!

  2. Karen O

    I took Emma out for one of those sushi lunches. I managed to be full after four plates. She went on to devour 10 plus a bowl of soup. I told her that I’m going to have to run a financial background check on her dates in the future.

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