Unplanned Blogging Hiatus

I had no idea that I’d gone so long without posting.  I may need to write a note (I survive courtesy of written reminders) reminding me to blog.  I think what happens is that I’ll post something on Facebook and assume that I’ve shared it here.  Anyway, lots of activity to share (and some to not share).

I turned 46 last week.  My parents came to visit, complete with lunch and chocolate cake.  My darling friend, and hero, Cindy,  made me these stunning fingerless mitts!


Even better than seeing my parents or getting these amazing handmade treasures though (yes, it is possible to top all of this greatness), I had a neurology appointment with a new doctor who specializes in Multiple Sclerosis.  He completely readjusted my medications to see if my fatigue and spasticity could be helped. He also ordered a plethora of new tests.  So far I’ve been bled, MRI’d, tested with a tuning fork, poked with pins (seriously, to see how I responded), had my walking timed and monitored and I still need to have an ultrasound, take a fatigue class, see a dermatologist and do a few other things.  He does not believe my vision problems are MS related, but rather due to age.  The rest of my issues, to include depression, he believes are the result of MS. I’m hopeful that I’ll start feeling human again.  I still can’t go out in the heat, and I don’t think resuming work is in my future,  but I’d be thrilled to regain some of my memory and live past 60.  The doctor I saw before was pretty much gloom and doom.  She acted like I was wasting her time and when I mentioned any of my health problems her response was, “You have MS, what do you expect?”  Yes, that is a direct quote.  Glad she’s gone.

Lots of paperwork and phone calls, mostly handled by my poor, over-worked DH, regarding the house.  I’ll try to summarize this epic battle. Fanny Mae backed the loan with Wells Fargo. Wells Fargo took months of denial, requiring resubmission of paperwork, etc. before finally agreeing to up-channel the buyer’s offer made back in February.  Fanny Mae denied the short sale.  We weren’t that much short because we’d put so much down.  We still don’t understand why they would turn away a buyer with an offer at market value and why my health issues weren’t a valid enough excuse for wanting to move.  The only thing we can figure is that they (the bank) must be able to get more money out of the property this way.  Long story short.  We are now renting our own home for three months.  That gives us time to find a new place to move, but I don’t think we can pull off relocating before school starts for my girls.  We definitely do not want to re-enroll them in our current district, so I may end up homeschooling for a month or two until we move.  Time will tell.  I’m sure everything will work out in the end.

Because of the paperwork and appointments involved in the two afore-mentioned undertakings, I’ve not knitted, spun, woven or done much creating at all.  I have worked here and there on A3’s costume.  It has been sanded down since this picture was taken and I’m applying Bondo resin in coats and sanding them to get a more smooth surface.


The purchased parts of A2’s costume arrived.  We can buy the pre-sewn clothing cheaper than making it and my sewing machine in possessed, so that seemed like the logical thing to do.  Here are some pictures of her in the clothing and wig, minus the automail arm, contacts and other props.


I’ve not received as many snarky comments from people regarding our choice of pastime, but a few people still mock us.  Whatever!  My girls are kind, they come from a long line of nerds (they were doomed prior to birth) and we aren’t hurting anyone.  I only have a few more years with them before they move out and I’m going to join in with their interests and do stuff with them while I can.  So, the neighbors (only one set) and those few who call us weird can bite my arse.  For the rest of you, feel free to join in.  The next convention is over Labor day weekend in Vancouver.  It’s more fun than you might imagine and everyone there is always very happy and accepting.  Nerds Unite!

Oops, sorry for the rant. 

Elsewhere, A1 is changing host families and she is currently living with her Sensei during the transition.  She will turn 17 on August 5th and we miss her very much.  If airfare weren’t so horribly expensive we would try to get at least one of us over to see her for a visit.    She acted as a translator last week for a group of Americans visiting for a two-week period.  She said that she surprised herself at how much she understands and was able to help out.  We are so proud of her.  She must have picked up her intelligence from her father.  I claim my girls’ wicked senses of humor, but the smarts are all from him. 

Hope you are all enjoying the summer. It’s already half gone. Cheers!



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7 responses to “Unplanned Blogging Hiatus

  1. Karen O

    Your kids are so awesome that I can’t find a word greater than awesome! They are creative and smart and so much fun! And they’re so lucky to have parents like you. As much as I’ll probably hate driving by mid-August, I hope we can visit with you guys before school starts. HUGS!!

  2. georgilynn6

    I cannot imagine leaving snarky comments about your children’s past time and I think you are wonderful to get into it with them. I am glad you new doctor is more hopeful and gives you hope and Fanny Mae sucks big time!

  3. Cindy

    So pleased to see your post again and you have a much needed new doc. Take very good emotional care of yourself and you have my prayers.

  4. knitwonpurltoo

    Screw the critics. I hate judgers. I absolutely adore nerds. I am a closet nerd, not knowing enough about anything, but enjoying that which I do. I am finally picking up on cosplay. It attracts the same types of people that the comicons do and I love them. Great imaginations and a big sense of play. We need more of that in this world. I love your picture with the mitts. Cracked me up. A2 looks wicked cool, and A1 will be home sooner than you think. Hugs, kiddle!!!!

  5. also glad to see you back. The house selling business is a myster to me, why would the bank question why you want to move………..and turn down market price………..different cultures sometimes surprise even when we supposedly speak the same language. And we definitely do speak the same language

  6. Roxie Matthews

    Some people would criticize Jesus Christ dancing on stilts. They can bite my ass too!Love the mitts. Love, love the cos-play! And hooray three times for the new

  7. So glad you have a sympathetic and resourceful doctor now. It makes such a difference. One of my sisters has a routine relationship with her MS specialist, but the other has a positive and proactive doctor who encourages all her attempts to stall the encroachment of her MS. With his help and her determination they have it fairly well at bay. Both sisters can’t take the heat though!
    I love your attitude to your daughters’ pastimes and joining in is the best way to go.
    Cheers Gillian

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