Autumn is Here!

Wow, we went straight from a hot summer to torrential rains, cold wind and grey skies. I wonder if this means that we should expect a hard winter.  A1 and A2 finally start high school tomorrow.  They are both looking forward to being back with peers and having a regular routine.  We have started moving extraneous items into a storage unit.  It’s not looking like the people currently in our future home have any intentions of moving without a fight.  The home owner has given them notification, but there doesn’t appear to be any packing or cleaning going on based on the several times we’ve driven by (it’s very close to the storage unit), but hopefully activity is just invisible from the front windows and yard.  I don’t know what the legal process or length of time is should they choose to fight moving, but we’re making a pre-emptive strike by staging belongings elsewhere and looking for temporary housing.  It will all work out in the end.

The occupational therapist was very kind during our visit, but she made it clear that she could not undo neurological interference caused by MS lesions.  What she can do is recommend adaptive methods to help me compensate for loss of strength and mobility.  She recommended trying Casein needles for knitting, ditching small projects and trying to make scarves, etc. with chunky weight yarn if I want to knit.  She also gave me a catalog for things like shower chairs, handles and railings, etc. to keep me more stable around the house.  I told her that my driving is being supplemented as much as possible by A1 and my DH, which made her happy.

A2 turned 15 this week. For her birthday she asked to attend he Rose City Comic Con Convention in Portland.  We got a ticket for her dad and they spent Saturday in Nerd Paradise.  Here are some of the pictures from their adventure.

IMG_0869 IMG_0871 IMG_0873 IMG_0875 IMG_0864

They are back down there again today, listening to animation panels, etc. 

My parents have started cranberry harvest, but it always seems to be slower and harder when the weather doesn’t cooperate. I’m crossing my fingers that once this current storm blows through that we’ll have a few weeks of pleasant, Autumn weather.  Cheers!


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  1. Anonymous

    Long time no comment! I’m sorry to have been uncommunicative lately. Last big outing for us was for me to learn to drive the Kangoo wheel chair carrier and take my sister away for a break. She has had MS for 30 years now. She is 58. Her’s is secondary progressive whereas I guess if you are on the betaferone as yours is the remitting type. You should be doing better than her so I’m optimistic for your house move and all the bits and pieces that help getting up and down.
    Now have another sister with primary progressive MS. She has gone on the paleo diet. She is older and is now 61 having been diagnosed a couple of years ago. She is doing really well and does the diet and exercise and has given up ALL STRESS.
    And yes I do worry about myself being the next in line, but mostly only when I trip up a bit somewhere. I like to look back and check that it is a crack in the footpath!
    Cheers Gillian

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