Ha! (Rated T for Mildly Offensive Content)

Well, crap!  Life just seems to keep throwing plot twists and challenges our way.  Thankfully, they aren’t anything we can’t over come though (no terminal illnesses, etc.). 

In all honesty, we expected that we would have moved many  months ago, but we are still here, with no idea of exactly when we will relocate. Heck we don’t even know if the place we planned on moving into will be ready in time in the near future.  Long story short, a friend has purchased a house and we will rent from him.  We have a contract to rent the house, but the residents currently there (they rented from the previous owners of the house) have not even started packing yet.  Their former lease expired and they were given notice to move, but we don’t have high expectations of this happening anytime soon. This isn’t merely pessimism on our part. During the house walk through three glaring facts about the people living there lead us to this conclusion.

                            First, they had at least five cats. One old fellow slept on a cat tree near the front door. Three more were observed either roaming the home  or  sleeping in various bedrooms and kitty number five was on the back porch.  I love cats.  But anyone with animals knows that marking of territory becomes a huge issue.  These people will have a difficult time finding someone who will rent to them considering how many pets they have.  I’d hope that they wouldn’t abandon them.

                           Second, this cat-loving couple could easily have been featured on an episode of “Hoarders”.  They had been given several days notice we were coming, so either they didn’t give a rat’s ass about people seeing their mess or else they had made an effort to clear stuff to make the paths we walked through.  I suspect the latter.  The carpet we could see was royal blue and if memory serves correctly, it was in darned near every room of the house.  Once everything is removed then the state of the marking (see point, the first) will be known.  I have no idea what they will do with all of their shit treasures, but unless they hire a crew or have a vast pool of friends to assist them, they aren’t physically going to be able to move that much stuff in the near future.

                       Third, they were growing marijuana in the garage.  The man there made sure we didn’t enter the enclosed, makeshift room, and he fed us some story about his wife growing orchids that she delivered all over the county.  I’ve never claimed to possess detective skills, nor am I skilled in drug identification, but the smell of ganja wafting out of that room, the spaghetti-esque plethora of electrical cords running under the black plastic wall and glow from the grow lights shining forth from the crevices made me pretty certain that those were not orchids.   The buyer’s realtor insisted I was imagining things, however, when the home inspection was done a grow operation was revealed.  The people living there had a medical license and at the time of the inspection only a few measly plants were present, but I doubt those few plants were the source of that aroma that permeated the garage.  In Washington State landlords can deny tenancy to people for having pets or smoking, but renters in possession of the growing licenses cannot be denied or evicted for raising marijuana.  This is insane.  I don’t know if they will disassemble their grow room and take it with them or if it will all be left behind.  I fear the latter will happen.

We’ve driven by the house several times (yesterday at the latest) and there is no sign of movement. We can see into the house and all of the pictures are still on the walls, junk is still stacked up near the windows, no boxes or outside evidence of packing. Nothing at all to suggest movement. My guess is that when/if they leave it will be the result of an eviction notification enforced by a sheriff , and the place will be left a complete mess, requiring lots of cleaning and maintenance to make it livable.

But now for something completely different! My DH is one of the current victims of the government shutdown.  His latest status is  Leave Without Pay (LWOP) because he, and his co-workers at the National Guard unit were informed on Friday to not come back.  Last week he was deemed essential, so he worked with the understanding that he would eventually be paid for time served.  I’m not sure  know what will happen for the duration of the shut down in regards to back pay.  The good news is that our medical will continue through the period, our portion we normally pay will just be taken retroactively from his first paycheck. So if this stretches out for a lengthy duration his first paycheck might be pretty bleak. Everyone hopes this ends soon.

There have been some advances, as well as a few setbacks with the M.S.  Some of the new medications have helped and are much appreciated. Others have been tried at different levels and combinations, but the side-effects were worse than the symptoms they were supposed to be treating.  My current regimen looks like this, plus a few over-the-counter medications and supplements.


The whole “Not being able to knit” thing blows.  For a long time I tried (unsuccessfully) to proceed with a pair of socks, but I kept dropping stitches, knocking the knitting off the needles, breaking needles, etc. One very sweet person even gifted me with a pair of carbon fiber needles to see if they’d be more durable and not be as slippery, but I kept messing up with those too. Out of frustration I gave up knitting for several months.  It didn’t work for me so I finally decided screw quitting. 


Knitting is one of the few outlets to remain sane that I have left. Quitting for those few months only made me more depressed and angry.  I’d snap at my family for the slightest offenses. I decided that I can’t give it up.  The past few weeks I’ve been experimenting with different ways to hold the needles so that my right hand is doing pretty much everything.  Lots of bad words, tears and frustration were involved.  You know those swirly, ruffled scarves using netted novelty yarn and size 10 logs needles, that could be knitted by blind monkeys… I made one!


It took three weeks. In the past I’ve cranked these things out in a few hours, but I did it!  Once it was  finished I picked up the needles and yarn to finish the sleeves of a raglan sweater started a year ago (maybe longer, I can’t remember).  It’s taken 5 days to create just a few inches, but I felt quite accomplished. 


Unfortunately, my new knitting position means that my gauge is way tighter.  The bottom was the previously knitted body and the top layer shows the sleeve in progress.  As painful as it will be, the infantile sleeve start must be ripped out and started again with larger needles.  The stitch difference is too vast to ignore and the pieces will never go together without the change.

Not much else to report.  All three girls seem to be doing well in school (or else I’m just oblivious and making assumptions).  A friend of ours has offered to take A1’s Senior Pictures and then give us a disk to have copies made. Hooray for this!  We will probably buy him a gift certificate to take his new wife out to dinner or something else in exchange.  Homecoming for my older two girls is on October 19th.  My understanding is that they are going with a group of female friends.  Hope everyone is well.  Cheers!



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7 responses to “Ha! (Rated T for Mildly Offensive Content)

  1. Roxie Matthews

    I may turn your case over to the Channel 2 fixers. We’ll see if a TV news crew will get those dopers to move a bit faster.

    • If I were to contact anyone it would be one of the bigger news tv shows and it would involve this 18 month fiasco with Wells Fargo. But, sometimes it’s best to concentrate on living and let the battles be fought elsewhere. Cheerio!

  2. Karen

    There’s the Heide we know and love! Miss you lots!

    • Whoo hoo! I finally blogged again. It needs to be more often, even if knitting isn’t involved because without these posts I have no recollection of any particular point in recent history.

  3. knitwonpurltoo

    It’s so good to hear from you! I’m sorry about Brian. There are so many being hurt, but the pols don’t care. They’re still getting paid. Oops. It’s hard to stop once you get started, isn’t it? Hope you get to move soon, but it sounds like the clean up effort will be Herculean. Homecoming was this weekend here. And, you look good!

  4. so good to have you back. In a few weeks it will all be settled, and so will you be in your new home. xx

  5. Anonymous

    Dearest Heide, I reckon that lots of pooh comes along at once, and sometimes lingers so that the smell pervades, and then….a long spell of sweet smells follows. Well done with the knitting efforts. I’ve abandoned good knitting for a while because of arthritis and other old age bits and pieces but I shall renew my efforts tomorrow after reading of your detremined success.
    Cheers Gillian

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