Last Month

If my calendar is to be believed then it is now November.  For the life of me, I don’t remember much of October, but a look through the images on my digital camera proves I was, at least physically, present during most of the month.  I’m relying on these pictures to share some of our goings on. Warning, these events are probably not in chronological order.


A1 had her Senior pictures taken.  A friend of ours took them down along the Columbia River and in a park in Vancouver.  This one was my favorite because she was laughing.


Lots of silliness and estrogen permeated the afternoons and evenings.


My DH and I went to see The Moody Blues perform in Portland.  They looked and sounded fabulous.  Most of the audience was extremely old so we looked young!


A2 spent her birthday money on a Hatsune Miku costume so she can cosplay as one of the Vocaloid characters.  Her long, blue wig is still amid shipping.


A3 participated in a black out contest at her middle school and was voted the most spirited. An email from the school counselor said that she actually did her own rendition of a runway walk, to include turns, scarf tossing and fierce looks.


A1, A2 and their friend, S, all went to Homecoming together.  They looked beautiful and had a good time.  They were delivered and picked up from the dance via the big, gold Mom Limo.


A1 had this lovely portrait taken of her hand after she closed it in the sliding door of our van.  The door latched completely shut and needed to be opened again to free her fingers.  She was very lucky not have any broken bones.


DC, our old friend and neighbor kitty who visited us twice a day, crossed the Rainbow Bridge after spending his nine lives over nearly 22 human years.


A3 took an interest in her own hair, clothing and occasionally, some make-up.


My DH and I had a romantic date at Burgerville… along with 4 silly girls.


Round one of a pumpkin carving party, featuring A3, K (friend of A2) and A2.


Round 2 of a pumpkin carving party starring S, A1 and D.


The finished Jack-o-lanterns (and Steven)


A3 dressed as a feminine version of Jack the Killer.


A2 and S dressed as wood nymphs for Halloween.

Elsewhere, we have the green light to move into our new home. We are so excited.  Hopefully the upcoming weekend will give us enough time to make a big push and get the majority of our furnishings, etc. moved.  Due to personal reasons, that I don’t want to rehash, A3 has decided that she does not want to apply for a boundary exception to stay at her current middle school.  We withdrew her officially and tomorrow we will register at her new school.  She will more than likely start on Tuesday. 

My Dh received a medal for 30 years of service in the Air Force/Air National Guard.  He actually reached this milestone back in August, but paperwork takes time to catch up.

The girls were thrilled to learn that part of the garage at our new home will be set up as a permanent workshop for all of their crafts, costuming, painting, etc. We still aren’t sure about computer placement, but all will work out. 

A1 and S were in an automobile accident this past weekend. Both vehicles were mangled, but surprisingly, everyone walked away with only minor cuts, soreness and bruising.  A1 had another visit to a different ER.  We’re hoping she finds a less expensive hobby.  Hospital visits are a bit spendy.

I knitted one more of those ruffle scarves out of blue and orange novelty yarn. It only took a week instead of the three needed to complete the previous scarf.  Not much else to share.  Surely we did more, but without photographic evidence the happenings have been forgotten.  Cheers!



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6 responses to “Last Month

  1. Big, gold Mom Limo? Are there still Skittles stuck in the seats???

  2. Roxie Matthews

    It was an extraordinary October, and how you can be expected to remember anything with an infestation of wood nymphs is beyond me. They just distract the hell out of everyone!

  3. I was thinking about you the other day when I saw Dave pull out your raspberry jam and slather an obscene amount on his toast!

    Glad you’re all doing well. Love all the pics.

    I shut my hands in the door of our truck too (I was six though). The door was also locked, so frantic Mom had to come unlock screaming kid (yeah – I was on the inside) from the truck. No broken bones for me either – the dr said it was probably because of the door seals – they don’t keep it from hurting like a sonofa…., but they cushion the metal enough that no bones are crushed.

  4. Well that was quite a month, methinks. You are all looking wonderful and I hope the move goes as smoothly as such things can.
    Cheers Gillian

  5. Karen O

    I just realized that I hadn’t checked my blog in a couple weeks, so I missed this post. I also got my hand closed in a car door when I was little–probably 6 or 7. No breaks here, either. Must be a great design idea. Hope we can see you in a couple weeks! LMK your plans soon! I can’t wait to check out your workshop space!

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