We’re Here!

We made it (mostly) to the new house!  There is still a lot of stuff at the old place to be moved, sorted, discarded and we will need to do a thorough cleaning before turning the keys over, but the bulk of our possessions and all living creatures have transitioned quite nicely.  The new house is about half  the size of the other, but we’re converting the back portion of the garage to a multipurpose room/storage area.  We went from over a half acre of lawn to a small yard that is mostly trees.  I’ve always thought that lawns were a waste of time, space and resources. 

The entire neighborhood our new home is located in is crawling with squirrels.  They’re bold, fast and funny to watch.  They literally knock on our back doors for food.  The girls cats and dog are glued to the sliding doors being amused by the fearless little critters. 




A3 started at her new middle school this week.  So far she seems to be doing well, but as expected, she misses her friends.  I took this picture of her in front of one of the murals during our initial tour.


Our phone numbers and email addresses remain the same, but if anyone should need our new physical address then please let me know and I’ll email it. Cheers, my friends!



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5 responses to “We’re Here!

  1. knitwonpurltoo

    Is that a red squirrel? I have only seen one of those here in Middle Earth in my entire life. I’m glad you are out from under the other burden, but is that really a bright blue carpet? Fur shows so beautifully on it. I have a navy rug in my living room and it shows all the fur just perfectly. I need your new physical address , please?

  2. Roxie Matthews

    Love the photos of the highly entertained girls and critters. So glad you have made the move! Blessings and all good wishes on the new place.

  3. Congrats on the move – gald to hear it went well! I love the pic with the angel wings- absolutely perfect!

  4. hurray, well done and much happiness in your new home x

  5. Anonymous

    Well!!! so that stage is all successfully achieved. And squirrels for resident pets as well.
    Glad you are all safely and comfortably ensconced before the real winter arrives. Hope A3 settles in soon. There is so much to be friendly round about with Thanksgiving and xmas and such,

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