Colder Than a Well Digger’s Arse

That’s an expression my dad liked to use when a cold spell moved through while we were growing up.  The temperatures now are in the upper teens with an expected low of 11 degrees F. tonight, not including any wind chill factoring.  Even Steve, the gypsy cat, isn’t asking to go outside and he’s found a warm, comfortable spot under the rocking chair where he plans to spend the evening.


Today the girls and I drove down to Camp Withycombe, in Milwaukee, OR, to pick up our Christmas tree. Traffic was pretty light unless you wanted to venture near any shopping centers, which we didn’t, but Yahoo directions made no sense at all and left me driving in circles.  Thankfully A1 had her phone and was able to navigate our way there.  90 trees had been donated for local military families.  The giveaway started at noon and by the time we arrived at 1:06, there were only 6 trees left.  A2 and A3 loaded one up while I signed the paperwork then we brought the fellow home. The trees were all bundled, so there was no way to predict what it would look like.  Is it just me, or do the trees always look much smaller outside than they do in a house?  Anyway, we got it mostly set up and decorated.



We discovered that we need a tree topper and skirt, so on tomorrow’s weekly grocery trip I’ll see if there is anything we like on sale.

This year’s decorations have a distinct retro feel to them.  In the upper right hand corner of this picture is a wax and foil (translation, it’s a miracle that she still exists) that my husband’s mother bought in Germany in 1963.  She has moved all over the world and graced numerous trees.  She’s so fragile at this point that we’re afraid to take her out of the box, but we still wanted to display her.


Other old-world, but not necessarily antique, décor includes this set of gnomes from Finland.  The hankies they’re sitting on are also Finnish. 


I’ve kept squirrel food out, but only the diehards are coming around.  I think most of them were smart enough to go hide in a nice warm nest.  This little guy almost blew off the railing yesterday.


Still making cotton dish rags.  I’ve almost used up all of my cotton stash and I’ve started combine odds and ends for some interesting looking cleaning cloths.  Not much else happening other than still hoping on getting Christmas Cards sent sometime soon.  I finally found the missing address book, but now I can’t remember where I put the boxes of cards.  I’ll blame it on brain freeze.  Cheers, my friends, and stay warm.!




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4 responses to “Colder Than a Well Digger’s Arse

  1. Love your tree. I think they’re like furniture. They look much smaller outside the house and when you get them in your living room, they grow. Steven looks very comfortable. Stay warm, Grrl. We’re all in the deep freeze this year!

  2. Roxie Matthews

    Love your vintage and old country decorations.
    You are a hero, facing traffic and Yahoo to bring a tree home for your loved ones. Good thing you had all three girls to help. It’s gorgeous!

    Give Steven an ear-rub for me. And cuddle Roxanna.

  3. Steve is one smart kitty – and your tree looks gorgeous!

  4. mom

    Your tree is really pretty. I guess I’ll put one up too. MOM

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